Unpleasant surprise turns into great experience

Here I’ve been enjoying my new PS Audio equipment, feeling good and deciding to keep it, then while trying to fulfill the trade-in program, tires screech on the pavement and the smell of burned rubber smoke comes out… this whole time I was under the mistaken assumption that the RMA that I had received included the cost of shipping for the items being traded. Why did I assume this? Because it wasn’t specified anywhere in the website that it is how it works. It would be very helpful and maybe more transparent if that information was made available before one completely obliterates the value of the trade in program due to shipping costs.
As of the time of this post, the experience is not matching the quality of the equipment.

What country do you live in? I am guessing that you do not live in the US.

I’m actually in FL. I bear some responsibility for not asking earlier before ordering, just to factor everything. Would have still ordered but also made different arrangements. PS Audio is working with me on a possible solution and that is helpful.

And yes. FL is a different country(ies) depending on the metro area.


I paid to ship my traded to PSA. It did not deflect from the positive experience I had in acquiring new gear. You must have traded so really heavy amps? How about this, I owned some tube amps once that seemed to fail on a frequent basis. They weighed 90 lbs each. I had to pay shipping to the manufacturer each time I sent them back. I finally asked them to replace them with new units as the ones I had were surely lemons. They did but not until I spent hundreds shipping them back for repairs.

That was some endurance test of patience and costs. You’re a better man than me. I’m on a potential hefty load with this shipment. Towers and several solid amps.

We’d be fine covering those shipping costs for you. Just call in or email and say I said so.



Please update the Trade-In RMA process to explain whether shipping fees to Boulder is or is not the sender’s responsibility.


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@Paul thank you for responding so quickly and decisively with true generosity and care. I’m sorry if I sounded too negative. I also feel responsible for not finding out in advance and posting here what I hope doesn’t seem a rant, because it is now a rave.

Good, and no worries. Generally people cover the shipping of their trades to us but it’s not a must. If it’s big and heavy and you ask we can often make arrangements to cover those costs. We want this to be an easy process.


Paul–in so many ways, nonpareil!

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Paul - you are a true gentleman.

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I’d never go that far, but thanks!

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Is asking all that is required? Might trade something in myself…:grinning: