Up to 50% on Northstar Recordings (Challenge Classics) in Europe

For those who also love the Northstar recordings and for whom it makes sense to order in Europe, here a link to a shop who currently offers 50% on most of the CD‘s and SACD‘s. I already ordered a bunch of SACD‘s for 10€ each, so the Playstation will run hot soon :wink:


Search for i.e. „challenge vriend“ to find de Vriends performances. But take care, only some (dozens) challenge recordings were done by Northstar. You can verify on Northstar‘s website here:


Can’t wait for this one…

There’s a lot of unnecessary excitement currently in Germany about their actual video and their constant Nazi era provocations, serving their marketing intent. I personally think they have no right-wing intent at all, they rather play with it and place opposite marks…but I’m not sure what most of the audience perceives.

I never got what all the enthusiasm is all about…the show and fireworks yes, but the music and childish behavior? For me this always was belonging to kids audience…but I’m aware most of their fans are probably over 40…and many german…and cultured…crazy world.

I can better understand the enthusiasm in other countries…for them it’s probably just a good show in case one liked e.g. Alice Cooper slaughtering sheeps on stage etc. :wink:

Well @jazznut, I am 60 years young, and I have every single album they’ve made…! I like the recording/mixing quality that is outstanding (typical German, everything is thorough), the lyrics are mostly funny and full of self mockery. This particular song (video clip) could be seen as being on the edge, but I think if you look thru the beautifully produced scene’s, you’ll see the same self mockery. Here for others to see and possibly weigh in…
But I also understand the con’s, it’s controversial to say the least.

Yeah, I also think it has self mockery and I guess he’s quite smart as most who are that successful with a concept. For me personally the part that appeals to me does so just in connection with (and mainly because of) the cinema like choreography…without it little remains (for me).

And it’s certainly all just a matter of taste, I didn’t really want to imply Rammstein‘s audience is less smart, this is BS. I like a lot of music myself (like HipHop), where others would say that it’s for the less smart :wink:

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Seen Rammstein in 2001.The show was powerful, entertaining, and extremely loud…I loved it!:crazy_face: