Update Abbreviation Decode

Please decode that download abbreviations PWT, PWD, NPC, etc.

Thanks in advance

Welcome, tinears1!

We do not have a list of abbreviations. It would be a good thing to have.

Some abbreviations are linked to the product automatically by the forum software, like the grey link in your post “PWT” which links to the page discussing the PerfectWave Transport.

If there is something you do not understand please ask. We are a pretty friendly, patient bunch. Somebody will jump in and explain.

Some off of the top of my head

PWD PerfectWave DAC
PWT PerfectWave Transport
DS DirectStream DAC
DS Jr DirecStream DAC Jr
DMP DirectStream Memory Player
NPC NuWave Phono Converter


Thanks, Ted!

Thank you Ted! Much appreciated. Is there an update for the BHK pre?

What sort of update would there be? I didn’t know there were software updates for the Preamp.

There is very little code in the BHK pre other than to drive some of the display logic and what not. No field updates for the BHK pre.