Update: PRICED TO MOVE: PS Audio Direcstream Dac For Sale, $4000 obo - black and like new, Nuwave Phono Converter, $1000 obo - silver, like new


Bill, are these your personal units?


I’m a little hesitant to hijack this, but since Paul asked Mr Bill if these were his personal units I’m going for it. I’ve seen brand new DS units going for reduced prices on another site and another member here commented on it yesterday. His post was quickly removed, actually right in the middle of me replying. This makes me think there are some, shall we say, “unofficial” units for sale. Should these great deals be avoided?


I am not sure “avoid” would be necessary but it would be worth considering. Chances are good that whatever they are selling is legit, in that unlike cables, it’s pretty hard to counterfeit a DirectStream DAC. giggle_gif And heck, if you can save money, why not? The issue is, and remains, as we move around legit dealers we undermine their ability to keep their doors open and help us have access to a myriad of products that we can discuss with them, try out etc. The increased reach of the internet marketplace is disrupting markets all over the world; some for the better, some not so much. It’s a fact we have to live with and deal with.

Having said that, I would be careful only because chances are they aren’t an authorized dealer which will limit the warranty on the unit if you do purchase from an unauthorized dealer. Further, there have been a few examples of units being sold by less than savory dealers, or guys just out of their homes, claiming to be something they are not.

Legit dealers provide a great service to our customers. The conundrum is at the end of the day, you are OUR customers when you buy a DS or any PS equipment and to that end, we’re happy when you get the best price possible. 'Tis a tough one.


PM sent on the BDP-1


@Mr_bill Why are you selling the DirectStream. Did you find a different DAC that suites you better?


I don’t think you are going to find a better dac!

I think I’ve listened to my system once this summer. As much as I love high end audio, I just have too much going with work and 4 young daughters. Someday…

That’s the only reason I’m selling,


Sorry to see you go Mr. Bill.


Life happens. Mine is changing enough too. I have lost two friends to their families. With one we still talk every few months. Another I see about once a month. Heck, I have been distracted lately with a new girlfriend - a novel situation for me this century. :slight_smile:

Remember us Mr. Bill and come back and visit when you can.



Good luck with the new lady J.P.! Yes, sorry to see you go Mr. Bill, but we’ll be here when you return.


You know I will, I’ve had the PS Dac a few times over the years and always come back!


Buy it now or its going bye bye to Audiogon. This is the lowest price you’ll see.

Hi, I have the best dac in the world for sale: PS Audio DS Dac in black, like new. It is an upgraded mark 2 that is now a Direcstream Dac.

I also have a silver Nuwave Phono Converter like new. PS Audio I2S cable for connecting the NPC to the Direcstream Dac available too.

I have perfect feedback on Audiogon. Expect a smooth safe transaction.

Best equipment I’ve owned, too bad I never have time to listen!

Paypal - use Friends and Family or add 3%.




Nuwave Phono Converter with PS Audio I2S Cable still available.


pm sent…thanks.