Updating DMP from 2.06


I was simply making a math nerd joke about soon being a variable. I had no intention of hassling anyone. I apologize.


@tmurray1 My comment wasn’t directed at yours. Sorry for any confusion.


My remark was a generalization and not directed at you.


I assumed as much. I took a look at my weak attempt at humor as part of the overall thread of comments and it does appear we were piling on Paul to some extent. For that, I apologize. I very much appreciate Paul and all of the good people at PS Audio and their willingness to share what they are working on.


Of course we all want the latest update. But considering that it’s taken a year and a half even to approach a resolution of the DMP problems, we shouldn’t stress about a week or two.


Debbie Downer has a twin brother?


It is so sad that some people are not happy unless they are bitching about something! I appreciate all the hard work being done to improve the user friendliness and operational stability of the DMP. There has been great progress made and we are all getting closer to where it needs to be.


Let’s remember the great virtues one of the greatest of which is patience.

Good things come to those who wait. In the meantime 3.06 sounds superb.


Whoa dudes, sorry I asked!

I agree with oddeophile 100%. And PS Audio has been provided me the best customer service by far.



It did appear to be a reasonable, innocent question.

And then can open. Worms everywhere.


I appreciate the efforts to keep trying to fix the issues.


I think the important thing to remember is there is no reason for PS Audio to drag this update on any longer than necessary. Necessary is comprised of a lot of stuff. This is where trust can be a virtue. I personally believe that PS Audio is acting in good faith and diligently working within its constraints. Quality takes time. Delays are to be expected and surprises are unpredictable by nature. I want this update as much as anyone else but I want each one released with a purpose. Rushing for the sake of pacification serves none of us well. Let Paul & Company work without condemnation as it has been made quite clear on numerous occasions by Paul that the DMP IS a priority. Despite what it is and what it has been, PS Audio has owned up to all that is sterling and detestable with this product and has continually asserted its commitment to solving the problems it currently faces. Lets encourage them to get it right and the best way to communicate this is through patience.


Well stated Jeff.


It was a reasonable question and my apologies for getting a bit prickly. My bad. Please accept my apologies.


This is all my fault and I need to calm down and get a grip. Sorry guys., especially John. I feel badly we’ve not performed up to our own standards with the DMP firmware and it pains me to have put our customers in this uncomfortable position. I just get a bit prickly when it comes across like we’re not trying to make things better - which of course was never said nor implied. I just got defensive and I apologize.


{response happily deleted as 3.07 dropped a few minutes ago] :grinning:


It was posted yesterday as promised. Let me know if you have trouble finding it. It’s called 3.07