Upgrade path considerations (premature)

Just thinking ahead about my system upgrade path.

Current system:
DS Sr.
Stellar GCD
Maggie 1.7i
SOtM sMS 200-Neo streamer
Dectet Power Conditioner

So, what do you think will lead to the biggest gains in performance?

Preamp: BHK Preamp
Amp: BHK250 (BHK 300s in some great future) or Pass Labs, Bryston, etc.
Power: A PS Audio Power Plant of some sort

For now, honestly, I HAVE to get a new room, which may be happening soon.

With such a good foundation I think you may want to consider upgrading your source - perhaps the SOtM SMS 200 Ultra.

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If it were me I’d continue strengthening the foundation with a P15 or P20 Power Plant. And, eventually, you’re going to want some subwoofers with those Maggies.


Doh, I forgot the sub! I plan on getting a servo-controlled Rythmik Audio F12 as soon as possible.

So then power plant after that? Gotcha.

Keep the EtherRegen in the back of your mind.

I’m sure there will be some posts coming around Feb/March.