USB conditioners vs USB w/out

I have a mystery maybe someone can help me with.

I am using an unconditioned in expensive USB to attach my Pioneer 30R to a DS JR. I WAS considering getting an Uptone Regenerator because of what Ive heard.

I compared Wagner’s Rheingold Karajan in Tidal MQA via Ethernet cable with a DSD digital download on the 30R.

The unconditioned USB and the 30R sounded NOTICEABLY better than the Tidal MQA through the Ethernet.

From what I have gathered, the Uptone cleans up noise created by a tranport’s internal DAC (computer maybe). The 30R when hooked up to an external DAC bypasses the 30R’s internal DAC.

Is this the cause of the better sound? No internal DAC noise?

Does this mean the Uptone would not improve any thing for me?..since the noise it cleans up has already been bypassed???