USB Device Not Recognized

I just started getting this message and no music out with my PerfectWave II DAC. Any ideas what could be wrong?

My desktop set up:

JRiver 22 -> optimized /w Fidelizer Pro -> Supra USB -> Industrial Intona Hi Speed Isolator -> Schiit PYST USB -> UpTone Audio USB Regen -> Hard adapter -> PS Audio Perfect Wave II 2.4.3 -> Discovery Plus 4 XLR -> Parasound Halo -> KEF LS50 (IsoAcoustic stands) + HSU STF-1 Sub x 2.

~ OR ~ Same source to: Icon Audio HP8 MKII / Lyr -> AH-D7000, HD700, HD650, LCD 2.2f, HD598

USB Device Not Recognized

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.

I’d respectfully suggest troubleshooting this by connecting the PWD directly to the USB from your PC and making sure that it’s recognized and works properly. Then add back in your USB isolators/reclockers one at a time to ensure each of them is functioning properly. You should then be able to determine which piece is causing the problem and address it directly.

Excellent thinking.

Basic trouble shooting 101. If you have a second system, first verify that the source [the computer] is working, then normally you would work from there, but with all those devices, the second thing I would do was as recommended, plug directly into DAC. If no joy, try a different source plugged in to same input. Use a laptop, or anything with a USB output. Have a friend bring a laptop with a player on it, or load something simple. If both the source and DAC checkout, it will be one of your devices. Too often people will get it in their head that it is the DAC or source, replace a major component only to find it still doesn’t work. Or work for hours on one input, never checking that other inputs don’t work either, that it was the amp, or preamp. Not saying that applies to you, but for others reading, there are procedures to follow when troubleshooting, that will save time, and a whole lot of aggravation. Like the guy who replaces every bulb in a string of Christmas lights, only to find it is a switched outlet, and it was turned off. Had he tried an outlet he knew was working, or plugged something that is working into that outlet, no bulb changing.

Another thing if you are running Windows 10, check your settings. A couple of times after an update I had to go in and change my settings back, as they seem to revert to the defaults. It pisses me off, I have had to use Google to do a search to locate some of them. I went from Vista to Windows 10, and a lot of the settings are not where they used to be. I am the tech* on call for my PC using buddy, who is not at all tech savvy, and I have worked on his Windows 7 & 8 with less problems finding things than 10. Maybe it is just me as I use the word “tech” loosely, but I think they move things just so people will know they actually did something. All the work behind the screen means very little to the average user, so you move a bunch of crap, for no good reason, and they believe that it’s a real update.

Blueshound, on the main Forum page you will see Profile. Click on that then “Edit Signature” you can then put your systems in, see others, or mine below. That way you won’t have to list in your posts, other than in a topic like this. Not mandatory, just a friendly tip. If you need help, ask Elk, he is the go to guy, but know he is a volunteer so he is not on call 24/7.

*Not a real tech, just compared to him, a competent user, who is not afraid to poke around. No guts, no glory.

Thanks for all the excellent ideas. Will give it a go when time permits. I am kinda busy today.

Ok, I attempted to plug in my PWD directly, (without any USB isolators/reclockers), from PWD II to my laptop. I tried this twice even with two different USB cords, and I also tried to plug into my spare laptop and still get the error with no music.

USB Device Not Recognized

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.

Then I plugged in my backup Bifrost directly, (without any USB isolators/reclockers), into both laptops and I get music WITHOUT the above error.

Would this seem to be an issue with the PWD?

Also, this is weird but with PWD in the system, on the top bar in JRiver where it says: “JRiver Media Center” it alternates and rapidly changes between “JRiver Media Center” AND “Ipc Opening”.

AND in the bottom left “Action Window” it alternates rapidly between “Action Window” and “Display”

I know kinda bizarre, not sure what is going on here…

Also, by the way my main laptop is Windows 7, and my spare is Windows 10, but they work as described above…


I see you use Fidelizer, have you tried restarting your PC, and then not activating Fidelizer? Does the PWD work with other sources? If not then obviously the PWD.

It is strange that both PCs don’t work. Do you have another player, maybe the Tidal player? I would remove and reinstall the drivers for the PWD, if that doesn’t do it, then call PS Audio’s tech support. They should be able to recommend something, or determine that it needs to be sent in.

Good luck, let us know what you find out.

Thanks for your input Jeffstarr.
I tried many solutions but the one I think worked was uninstalling and reinstalling the PS Audio Driver. Anyway, it’s all good now. I have this nasty habit of trying multiple things at once, but I’m pretty sure it was the driver reinstall that fixed it.

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