USB Flashdrive vs NAS or Computer

Good morning,

So I will try to be as clear as I can, but not having the DAC yet (July 5th, woohoo!) I wanted to ask what a simple solution would be to get DSD files (as DoP) to play via Directstream DAC in my current set up via a flash drive.

I think I understand correctly that I can simply use Mconnect Control to play up to 192/24 ALAC audio files (which is the vast majority of what I own) from my NAS to the DirectStream pretty easily with just a LAN cable and the Bridge II.

I have very few DSD files, only about 10 or so albums, with plans to expand that as I go forward. So instead of using a computer with JRiver or Foobar to convert the files into DoP or buying a new NAS to use Minimserver (it seems Minimserver doesn’t support Seagate Personal Cloud) can I just use a flash drive?

Can you even use a flash drive straight into the DAC? If so, is it possible to convert my DSD to DoP and save that onto a flash drive and just play from that. Not sure if DSD to DoP is just a process that occurs in real-time or if it is a file standard that is saveable.

The SanDisk - Extreme Pro 256GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive is on sale at Best Buy and has more than enough room for my DSD file for the near future until maybe Oculus or something else can work. It is also fast to save to for transferring the bigger files on my computer.

Side note, do people typically connect their OPPO via S/PDIF RCA to the DirectStream? I use it a lot and wanted to understand what would be the most reasonable, but still high quality way to connect.

I am in awe of what some people have put together to get I2S into their DAC with lots of different hardware, but that isn’t really for me at this point, but I love that you guys have thought it through so thoroughly.

Thanks in advance!

Can’t wait for your DAC and Bridge to arrive! Let us know when you get them.

You cannot play directly from a flash drive (like a USB stick if I am understanding you correctly). Only the DMP can do that currently.

You will need a server to play from the NAS. That server might be on the NAS already, or not. The UPnP system depends on a server (program) like JRiver or Twonky, and a controller like MConnect.

Here’s a tutorial on using JRiver with the Bridge that might help.

Thanks Paul,

That helps, I will return the USB drive then. I currently use Mconnect and Twonky as that is what is on my NAS.

Is it possible to covert my DSD to DoP without having a computer in the setup running jriver? So really directly on the NAS drive? I currently stream my single rate dsd to my integrated from the NAS directly and it works, though the unit says waiting for audio instead of showing DSD (Krell doesn’t officially support DSD over ethernet only via hdmi for the Vanguard, I have a question out to them as to why it works).

Thanks again for always having the quick responses to my questions! I really like this forum community, people really are interested in helping each other out.