USB Supported System

My question is this; I use my laptop with a USB cable to listen to music. My PWD does have the bridge installed, but I really don’t want to go through the hassle of a serve, long cable runs etc. My thoughts are just purchasing an external HD, installing all my music with JRiver and find a decent USB cable. I am not looking to make a project out of this. I currently have a laptop with JRiver and and DBpoweramp music converter and I connect this to the PWD via USB and it sounds pretty good. Any thoughts on this and also a good USB cable? Any thoughts or comments appreciated.


You will still need some sort of computer to play the files. I use a Belkin Gold USB cable which I compared to several cables costing around $1000 and preferred the sound of the $9 Belkin. Your opinion may differ as to what sound you want but it is definitely a great place to start. Some have had good luck with the Audioquest Jitterbug and Uptone Regen, myself included.

I have a laptop that I have been using and the Belkin gold cable. I only have a few CD’s and HD downloads on the computer. Was thinking of buying an external hard drive and loading the remainder of my CD collection. Thanks for the reply.