Using PSJ I2S Input with Sonore Ultradigital Converter for DSD

Is anyone using the Sonore Ultradigital converter with a PSJ (or DS senior) to input DSD over the I2S HDMI input? I just ordered one and I understand that includes a new and wonderful Windows USB Audio 2.0 driver. The driver apparently works with the unit and is written by Singxer Audio who contributes some of the hardware to this Sonore project.

Although I am not having any of the common problems with my PS Bridge II, I decided to try out the I2S implementation of the DSJ. Not really sure if there will be any benefits with using Roon or other software to stream over USB to the Ultradigital, then I2S over to DSJ. Some have had great results using USB 2.0 input into the DSJ instead of the sometimes noisy Bridge II.

Info on the Sonore Ultradigital is found on
I am not endorsing this product, but I believe PS Audio has worked with Sonore on this and other projects in the past. They have full cable pinouts on the PSDS DAC for the I2S also.

I wouldn’t get too worked up about I2S. I wouldn’t use it as a reason to do anything, except connect a DMP to a DSJ for playing SACD.

I was using an UltraDigital with a DSJ until recently. I replaced my DSJ, and am now using a W4S DAC-2v2se 10th Anniversary which has the same i2s setup as PS Audio. It works nice as an extra input since I have two streamers connected to my DAC. (Bryston BDP-1 via USB and microrendu/Ultradigital via i2s). The Ultradigital worked great with the DSJ. No issues whatsoever.

Also, please note the Ultradigital had two outputs and can serve as a splitter for i2s and SPDIF (RCA). It’s a good device.

Now that’s a plus that I had not thought about. I will experiment with it when it arrives Tuesday.

Thanks for the input.

I hear you. I should have picked up a DMP when they were available. Just wasn’t in the budget last year.