Using PWD as Preamp and driving subs



I have a PWD II (hopefully a DS soon) and i’m using it as preamp driving my Single ended mono blocks using the unbalanced outputs from the DAC. I want to add dual subs (JL audio) but the model I’m looking at doesn’t accept balanced XLR.

What I’m thinking is to get a XLR to RCA adapter or get a custom made XLR to RCA cable made so I can drive the subs using the balance outputs.

Anyone with experience in this area? thoughts? solutions?



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thanks for the link.

what i’m wondering now if i use a Y connector will i need to use the same quality cable throughout.

my thought was to use a cheaper IC for the subs. The IC from the PWD to the amps will be pricey and thats for a short run.

running that same quality IC to the subs would put me in the poor house.

perhaps the REL high level is a better option???


Go REL. You’ll get the sonic signature from your amps just like your speaker do, musical bass, and save a ton of cash on cables, plus have ease of installation. I ALWAYS run my subs speaker level in.


Yes, always use a high-level input if you can.