Vandersteen 3 loudspeaker humming


I am sorry if my post is not in the right category :upside_down_face:

My spouse just upgraded his audio system and there is a low humming coming out of his speakers (Vandersteen 3) and it’s driving him crazy.

He tried all the trouble shooting that psaudio advised but so far nothing is working.

In case anyone could help him, I’m trying my luck here :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is his audio gear :

*Pre amp: Manley 300B

*Amp : Bryston 4B 3

*DAC : Brinkmann Nyquist MK II

He also bought a vibex power conditionner in case it would help, but it changed nothing.

He uses van del hul cables

If someone has an idea on how to help him, please feel free to give him some advice :relaxed:

Thank you for reading me

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What did he upgrade? What combination of gear / cables eliminates the hum?

Start with showing him this guide:

Basically, speakers can’;t hum. So it is in your electronic chain and this guide will help you narrow down the culprit.


But what if they don’t know the words?