Velodyne subwoofer and REL wireless attachment For Sale

I have an as-new Velodyne DD+10 sub for sale. It’s been barely used in my home for two weeks - I concluded that two of these is overkill in my room with my main speakers, so I’m offering one for sale. Retail price is $3600, but I’m willing to be agreeable on price.
This sub has phenomenal reviews - it offers high- and low-level attachment, and has a computer built-in, with a supplied mic and SW that automatically equalizes, phase-adjusts, and sets Q of its corrections. Includes unused mic, remote, and all accessories.

I’ve also got a REL HT-Air on offer. This allows you to locate a sub anywhere you need to place it, with RCA In and RCA Out to the sub. Same story - I bought it at the same time as the second sub, last month. Retail is $100, I’m asking $65 including shipping.
These ship UPS Ground from Portland, OR. (The sub is 70 lb.)

PM me here if interested.