Vincent Audio?


Since we’ve decided for you that you should purchase an A21+, :innocent: , I thought it might be helpful to see the Audiogon Bluebook for recent sales.


I need to just go ahead and pay for access to that. I’m sure the information will come in handy as I try to sell or trade the couple dozen things I’ve got sitting around here that need to go. Some are even relatively nice. :wink:

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FWIW, I renew my account every year (going on 10 years or so, now).

If you don’t over rely on it, its a great tool. I am an active enough buyer/seller that I perceive it pays for itself every year.

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Yes, you have swayed me (even though the 21+ has been #1 on my radar for awhile…), I think I will go with the A21+. Never heard anything but great things. The JC is just going to be out of my monetary depth (gotta do some fiscal calisthenics just for the 21+), but I’m not an enormously critical listener. I’m sure the 21+ will be great. Thanks all.


I look forward to your update after it’s installed and settled in. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Have fun!

Do the Parasound!!!


Ok, well…I did a little dance with a pair of Schiit Aegir monoblocks that…well… dinna work out so well (sounded pretty good, but WAY too little power) (and they didn’t sound all THAT great…). So, just ordered a Parasound A21+! Hopefully will be here soon and I will report. I guess you really do need to follow your gut instincts…

Hey stonefree1911

Having owned the A21 and now the JC5…with confidence
I can say you will really enjoy your new A21+…1st 8 watts
are Class A there on up Class A/AB.

You wont have to worry about tube issues with the A21+…

Keep us posted with your impressions when it arrives!!

Best wishes

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Ok, so have had the A21+ for a few days and…wow. I can definitely say that you should follow your gut on these things. Fabulous amp thus far.
I went from a “best buy” Denon HT receiver and some cheap Polk speakers to a Sprout100 and Martin Logan Motion 35’s and ML sub. HUGE difference in sound quality, got me into higher end gear (and is still my second system in my den). Then upgraded to a Bluesound node 2 server, PSA SGCD and Emotiva monoblock A/B amps and Wharefdale EVO 4.2’s and 2 SVS 2000 subs… Again BIG sound improvement (but less that the Denon to Sprout jump). Then recently played with some Schiit Aegir mono’s. Sounded “ok”, but no power.
Well, this Parasound A21+ isn’t even close to the Aegirs. HUGE, defined, lush soundstage with wonderful clarity and detail. I am so impressed with this amp. So worth the funds. As I have upgraded over the last few years, I have definitely seen the diminishing return aspect, but after a few hours with the A21+, the improvements are stunning.
Many thanks to all that helped me here (esp davida and vkennedy61,thanks for the guidance and push!).


Woow …

Very nice review!!!

So glad your new A21+ is all I said it would be and then some!!!

And …you haven’t even put in Purple fuse yet…another nice
improvement when you get to it…Both my former A21 and current
JC5 came with a 15amp large slow blow. so upgrading would be
to same size slow blow amp value. Have never blown an SR
fuse with either of my Parasounds. Going from Blue to Orange to
now Purple.

Also are using the supplied power cord or do you have an
“audiophile grade” cord?

When you can…doing so is another wonderful upgrade your A21+
will benefit from and “thank you” with an improved soundstage.

I was hoping you would report back soon!!! Thank you!!!
Congratulations on your new Prasound A21+ it is a real
beauty and power house!!!

Best wishes

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Virtually impossible to go wrong with Parasound.


I recently heard B&W 801D4’s driven by Parasound (JC-1+ monoblocks).
That was a very, very, very nice combo, and really opened my eyes to Parasound.
Enjoy your new amp!!!


I had Parasound amp and pre before I moved up to BHK. Wished I would have kept them for the second system. Solid performers for sure.

So chuck…which Parasound amp and pre did you have?

Best wishes

Thanks man. It is a lovely amplifier!

Now…talk to me like I’m 5…what are these audiophile fuses you speak of?..

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stonefree…the fuse as you may be aware acts as a protective
gateway that current flows through into our gear…the fuse is made of
a very thin wire which melts when it’s rating is exceeded.

Now that little thin wire is not the best conductor …
Audiophile fuses aim at resolving this with improved
current flow…

One company HiFi Tuning uses silver overlaid with gold
wire to improve conductivity…these are very very nice…

SR (Synergistic Research employs graphene with a
much higher level of conductivity) …results in an amazing
upgrade in sound quality…soundstage 3 dimensionality.

Here is Paul talking about fuses and audiophile fuses…

Hope this helps a bit

Best wishes

A23 and P5. It was my first venture into separates. Had for a year or so and swapped out for PS Audio 300 monos (remember them?) and Stellar pre/dac. After a few weeks I was ready to send them back. I liked the Parasound combo better. But then there was the big BHK sale and I got the BHK 250 and BHK pre. Now I’m done.


Hey chuck929

Thanks for sharing…

Best wishes

Interesting. So is this for just the main fuse, located in the rear or also for the 4 fuses inside the chassis? Can you tell me the exact purple fuse you used in your A21?

Hey stonefree…

My A21 only got to the orange fuse before I traded it
for my JC5…

It is my JC5 that got the Orange to Purple fuse upgrade.
The increase in sound quality will also be reflected in
upgrading your A21+'s main fuse…

While there are those who have upgraded the rail fuses,
and report and improvement others say not so much.
Therefore I bypass upgrading the rail fuses…

For me it is a matter of not wanting to remove the lid cover
off of my JC5 and risk incurring a problem and voiding the
warranty as well.

Need to ask …are you running a regenerator with your gear?

If you do then upgrade the fuse on it first…as the regenerator’s
fuse upgrade will reflect all across your entire system…

Are you using the stock power cables? If not there is are improvements
to be had there as well.

Hope this helps…

Best wishes