Vintage KEF Reference 107 or Modern Elac Uni Fi UF5?

For the past few months I’ve been using vintage KEF Reference 107 speakers on my main system. However, I decided to try my modern Elac Uni Fi UF5 floorstanders and now I don’t know which speakers I should keep on the system. The KEF is suppose to be a legendary speaker according to the old man who sold them to me. The original price of the KEF is vastly higher than the Elac. Nonetheless, the Elac seems to have better imaging and soundstage…maybe? And those are the main things I want from my music. The KEF seems to be clearer so it could be more resolving but I’m not sure. The bass seems the same on both even though the KEF goes down to 20hz and the Elac is much higher. I’ve been switching the speakers back and forth and honestly I can’t tell which is the better speaker. The Elac is so good I’m wondering if a cheap modern speaker can match or even outperform a flagship speaker from the 80s. Has anyone here listened to the KEF 107 and if so how do you think it holds up to a modern speaker like the Elac? What do you guys think, should I use the vintage flagship KEF or the cheap modern Elac? My electronics are a Mcintosh amp, a Marantz CD player/streamer/network player, a PS Audio Directstream Dac and a VPI Prime Turntable. I know the best way is for me to just keep comparing them but the KEF weighs 100 lbs and is killing me carrying it back and forth between rooms. Right now I have the KEF on my home theater and the Elac on my stereo.

@ Roy8731 the ferro-fluid in the 107 tweeters will have long ago dried out and gummed up if you or the previous owner haven’t had them rebuilt. This gradually strangles off the high frequencies, choking the liveliness and airiness out of your music. Get the tweeters rebuilt and the soundstage will light back up again. If memory serves, the woofers in the 107’s coupled-cavity bass bins require periodic maintenance as well. These are spectacular loudspeakers when in proper working order. I wouldn’t be so quick to trade them off without looking into those service issues. Besides their resale value will be crap if sold as-is to a knowledgeable KEF collector anyway.

As to 100 lbs, a couple forum members have suggested owning a furniture dolly.

I bought 3/8” ply wood, cut profile to base of my standing speakers and put 4 small roller bearing wheels on bottom, great for positioning and moving, until you hit stairs.

The cheaper one’s can’t possibly sound better. Full stop.

If you believe this, sell the Elac’s.

If it were me, I would trust my ears.


Captain Obvious (?)

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Cost is not always (if ever) an indicator. Trust your ears.
(Bose 901’s were fairly costly too…)

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