"Vinyl like” clicks and pos from BHK pre/250 when playing files via bridge

Hi Guys,

I have recently noted the occasional (every minute or so) vinyl like pop or click when streaming files via the network bridge of the DS DAC into a BHK pre/BHK250 combo.

I wonder if it may be a valve issue?

Any thoughts?



Is this while playing DSD files? If so it is likely a known issue with the Redcloud DAC software, it also can be partly the Bridge software, there was a bug that was recently fixed but caused issues with album art, etc.

See this thread if it is applicable:

Thanks Veneet,

Just checked it out - you could be right!

It seems to be present on “some” DSD 64 files, but not all?? But absent from FLAC or other files.

Good to know that it is a known issue - thanks.


You are very welcome.

I think part of the problem has to do with dynamic range of some DSD files, you might try to lower the DAC volume to 80 or 90 and the problem could go away until they push the next software fix.