I found these guys a couple of years ago when their focus was on studio set-ups. It seems like they have come a long way and are now very active in the consumer playback market. IMO they are a force to keep an eye on.

So these guys offer something similar (?) to Wavestream, but you need Dante compatible hardware to use it. I didn’t see the PWD or DS listed as compatible hardware so is this a hint to Paul to enlist these guys? Haven’t heard much at all about Wavestream in a few months, DS took the limelight. Is there any hope of a virtual sound card for the Bridge?

From what I understand, Dante is a streaming software [parallel protocol to reg ethernet ] and the receiver is hardware [chip] that resides and is a compatible input to the renderer. Think Sonos, as an example of this, although I believe Sonos also adds a 'mesh" repeater for their wireless technology.

You can get an idea of where they are going by their growing licensee list on their site. [ Bose, as an example went with them to market their now wifi wireless products.

I did forward this to PSA a while back but at that time Dante was more concentrated on the recording industry than playback. I think that Auralic is attempting a similar streaming technology [wired and wireless] in their upcoming products.

It is just a heads up on what is out there and would take more engineering skills than I have to fully evaluate any present benefit to us.


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