Volume Adjust/Balancing Control Point

Hello all,

I have a question about control points and Shuffle playback. When I have parties, I will set up playlist and shuffle through them. The issue is that some songs are very loud and other barely audible, so I’m constantly adjusting the volume via the Preamp. I know that some control point apps have a feature averages the output of the songs in a playlist and adjusts the volume of individual songs to “balance” the volume levels. Kazoo does not have this feature. I have tied looking at the info on various control points, but have not found any that describe this type of functionality.

I am currently using MinimServer, Bubbleupnp and Kazoo to control my NAS, Bridge II and DS.





I guess this is called ReplayGain. But the question still stands, is there a good iOS control point app with ReplayGain?



That may be more of a function of the server software than the control point. For example, JRiver Music Center supports that function but I don’t think it’s control point, JRemote, has anything to do with it. It’s not a function I ever use so I could easily be wrong.

Steve is correct; it’s a server issue. A control point basically provides a list of available files and lets you play/pause/stop etc. It does not do complex processing such as is required for replay gain. I use MinimServer and, AFAIK, it does not support this feature. Check out foobar2000 if you have a Windows machine available. I don’t know if there are any servers that can be installed directly on a NAS that support this feature (there might be, I never looked).

Roon can do this.