Walker Audio Refence Plus High Definition Links (Price Reduced)


"Eliminate noise in the signal path. Get rid of VHF and RFI. Expect cleaner and clearer harmonies, faster and sharper dynamics without harshness. " “Prevent very high frequency electronic noises (which are emitted from all electronics) and RFI from being transmitted to your speakers. They eliminate the unwanted noise from the signal path, while allowing the pure music signal to pass through unaffected. The music will become more natural sounding. The electronic glare will disappear. The sound stage will open up to become better focused, more transparent. Harmonics will be cleaner and clearer. Dynamics will be faster and sharper, without harshness.” - The Cableco.com.

Original price $725.00
WAS asking $300.00
NOW asking $250.00, or best offer