Wanted: A Home for Three Million Records - FREE


The Archive of Contemporary Music is losing its space in TriBeCa.

That article is a shocker!

Fast forward 10 years, picture a library with a shoe size drive that they want to toss because the shelf space is needed. Irony, it has 3 million albums on it. When will the madness stop.


When it comes to NYC? Never. It’s a matter of too little space and too much art. It’s a damned shame. Like reading about the Universal fires out west.

When we came up with recording tech, we thought we’d preserved the beautiful utterings of artists forever. Turns out, if they weren’t earning money, we didn’t care and we watched them evaporate into the ether just as before.

I think the title is a little misleading, they’re looking for a new home for the records, but they are not looking to give them away. Seems they have a serious predicament, they can’t afford the current space so need a (much?) cheaper space, preferably in New York. Cheap space in New York? Hah! I bet they could find such a space in the Rust Belt, but it might need a little “remodeling”.

Having said that, I can’t imagine having to store 3 million records, let alone fine the one I want to play.