Wanted Aurios Classics


I need two, does anyone have some they would like to sell?


Odd are you selling your’s.


Anxious to hear what these sound like in your system. I’ve heard lots of good things about these and I’m thinking about incorporating them into a rack system. I’ve decided to build a heavy hardwood frame and then experiment with different shelves that will be “floated” on bearings, cones etc… whatever I think sounds best. These are high on my list, but pricey.


Wgleen, I have had Aurios in my system for some time. Unfortunately they are no longer being made. You maybe able to find some used on Audiogon, or at the Cable Company. Stillpoints are an option but they are way more expensive than the Aurios.


Ceraball is another option, although I have not tried them.


Looks like maybe a few out there at dealers, but $100 a piece.



They were always expensive.

Your posted link is fun. It reminds me that I first learned of such vibration systems from working with electron microscopes. This is what convinced me to try them for audio.


The Ceraball looks similar in concept to the Sort Kone. You are welcome to try mine when your speakers arrive (or any other time). I’m currently using them under several components including between the PWDII and PB.