WANTED: CAN-AM CD/DVD file cabinet

CAN-AM CD/DVD file cabinet. Closer to MA the better. Black or dark grey. PM IF YOU HAVE ONE FOR SALE!

Anyone know anyone who has one? Worth the money??

I have four and have no plans on getting rid of them. In fact, I need another as the first four are full. I wouldn’t bother with the laminated MDF counter tops they sell and would instead make my own counter tops if I were to purchase again.

Great. I may order a new one after the holidays. I hardly never see them up for sale.

Be aware that if you order them direct from CAN-AM, you will need to pay an import tax, since they come from Canada. I did not know this until after I had them and got a notice around tax time that import tax was owed. I think that the total price and import paperwork got the attention of the IRS.

As for color, contact them and ask them to send color samples of any colors you are considering. If you anticipate needing to move them, I would suggest getting the caddy with heavy duty castors.

I am using discsox media sleeves for CDs and DVDs. They hold both the disc(s) and inserts. They also sell cabinets like the CAN-AM ones, but I can’t remember if they get theirs from CAN-AM. I went with CAN-AM since they had a model that MM Design did not sell. Check out their website (www.mmdesign.com) and give them a call.

Take into consideration whether you also have DVDs or Blu-ray discs that you want to store before you buy, as they require deeper drawers.

Safco makes one really close. Amazon


Anyone know if there is someone in the USA that stocks these?