Wanted: DirecStream Broken or Just Chassis

If you have a broken Direcstream I want to buy your chassi.

PS Audio dont solve my problem with mine so …



Huh? PS Audio can solve every problem. What gives?


1 year ago I bought a DSD upgrade kit for my PW MKI.
The digital board specifically the coaxial conector do not fit the chassi, so I have to drill a little bit my chassi to fit.
As I bought a used MKI , is been 10 years of this dac, so I decided to replace the touchscreen board and guess what … dont fit too.
The first time I asked if it’s possible to send me a chassi, but the answer is no. And I think if I ask again will be too.

Did they know the DSD upgrade kit was going into a PWD1 chassis?

Was informed when I contact them, don’t know if they don’t realize it.

If you told them it was going into a PWD1, only to find it didn’t quite fit properly, that seems odd they sold it to you without mentioning that fact.

Actually, it was bought from a dealer and then contacted them.

I made a reseach before buying the kit and was never metioned that could exist a chassi incompatibility, either on the upgrade video instructions, manual or post on the forum.

But that’s not the major problem, now I have a useless brand new touchscreen that was $150 + customs taxes to be here in Brazil.

I’m sure there is an easy solution to this problem. No doubt @jamesh will think of something to help you out.

Was our Brazilian distributor able to help you get the DSD working in the old chassis?

Jamesh, I have German Audio here.

But they are terrible, if has to be them I prefer to stay in the way I am

Sorry they haven’t been great to work with. Is your DSD working well now though?

Yes, its good.

I just want to keep in a good state

Look at the burn in and how dirty it is, when I tried to switch the touchscreen, I saw that is a 2009 board.

This is the board outside the chassi, it is not similar with the new one I recieved.

The new one dont even fit the retangular cut on the support

Ultimately, we can’t sell you a new chassis. I think you’re doing the best thing by checking the used market for one.

You can’t talk to Paul ? I think this is a exception of the exception.

I accept any b stock chassi with no serial number.

I keep mine, but just to have a new product.

Here in brazil the price depreciation is very high, with this “problems” on the dac will be even more. Without mentioning I lost more than 250$ for the screen I will not use

When the Direct Stream upgrade kits came out there were different versions (seem to recall three or so) depending on the vintage of the PWD being upgraded. The main reason seems to have been that the holes moved around a bit to accommodate slight changes in the boards.

When I buy it, first I contsct PS Audio. And then they recommend the dealer for me. None of this was informed. After $3000 + taxes and shipping cost turned into almost $4000 here in Brazil I realized it.

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So …you went to a dealer. Ordered the upgrade kit thru the dealer. You get it - and it doesn’t fit? The dealer wouldn’t return it? How long did you wait before you found out it didn’t fit? Is this what happened? Why wouldn’t they return it and why did you install if it didn’t fit?