Wanted - DSD Jr

Looking for DSD Jr. for an office system at work, hopefully reasonable as I hoping to keep the costs to a minimum. If someone has one collecting dust and would consider selling please contact me

Perfect condition NOT required


Check out Upscake Audio.

Nothing reasonable about that price.

If you aren’t in a hurry I may let mine go.
Seems like something I might regret but I have so many DACs and only two ears.


Yeah, it is a pretty close to a Sr if I wanted to make that kind of investment on a work system. Was really hoping to keep it on the more reasonable side…

No real rush, let me know

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TMR seems to run thru a lot of PS gear.


well, all the PSA trade-ins have to go somewhere

This is where the trade-ins go. It is a good retailer to work with.

Agree - purchased from TMR and recommend.

Plus @Duncan_Taylor tests nearly every item before it goes to market, so you have a bit of assurance it’s in working order if you purchase a used product.

You can always try and negotiate a lower price and they give descent trade in values and include free shipping to them. Have used them for years.

A consideration if nothing else comes along. Fortunately I am not in a rush but at this price point I might as well consider getting my third DSD Sr as it is not much of a leap. I have bought from them prior and was able to do a little negotiation on their listed price


I just posted one for sale here. Thanks for your consideration.




Saw your listing, I had started negotiating with a seller on another site, but his is silver, black would match current components. If we are unable to strike a deal I will reach out, assuming it is still available.


Still looking for a Jr… any further thoughts :slight_smile:

Still undecided about my solver Jr. Sorry.