Wanted HCPS power supply for PCA-2 pre amplifier

please contact me with details of HCPS for pca-2 preamplifier if you have one for sale.

Hi Garry, I have one but it is for local pickup only in the southeast michigan area. I am not sure where you are located

Hi I am in the UK in Blackpool lovecountry.

I have the ps audio pca-2 and would like its HCPS power supply… Would you be willing to send to the UK. Could iNvioice me through pay pal where my address details will come up… i will understand if you don’t want to…

Anyway how much is it ?? Is it on ebay by any chance ? Or listed for sale on another site ?

All the best from England Garry smile

Hi Garry:
Do you still have the PS Audio HCPS? I live in Windsor Ontario, so I am close to you in southeastern Michigan.
Please let me know one way or the other>
Best wishes,
David Zimmerman

Ah, my regular email address is xxxxxxxxx

yes I still have it. you can pick it up?

Thanks for your reply, Garry.

A few questions:

  • Where is the unit located?

  • What are you asking for it?

  • Are you willing to ship it?

  • Do you accept payment via PayPal?

  • What is your regular email address? So that we can correspond that way instead of through the PS Audio site.

Best wishes,
David Zimmerman

Hi, guys

Just take your discussion to private messages and you will be all set.

I suggest not posting your email address in the forum.

I am not sure what you mean by taking our “discussion to private messages.”
Do you mean simply to carry on with exchanges on this site?

Click on love country’s name in one of his posts. You will see a picture of an envelope and the word “message.” Click on this and you can send a private message to him the rest of us will not see.

Hi Garry,
As you see, the moderator suggests that we carry on our correspondence on this site— which is fine with me.
I look forward, therefore, to hearing your answers to my questions.
Thanks and best wishes… David Zimmerman

Hi Garry— Please answer my questions.

Would you like to proceed, Garry?