Wanted Inexpensive Receiver for Daughter

I would like to buy a 2 channel receiver/integrated amp under $500 on which daughter can play her iphone/itunes.

Please PM me at bikeathome@gmail.com

I have a D3020 v1 and it’s a nice little amplifier.

Thanks Mike, Do you think it will drive the Klipsch Fortes? To use her iphone library, she would connect through Bluetooth not a usb cable?

I’ll defer to others but as sensitive as the Klipsch speakers are, 30 WPC should be more than adequate. It has Bluetooth too, so that’s good.

I wish I hadn’t sold my Sprout. I’d have given you that because it would be perfect. Might be able to find a used one in your price range…

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My first piece of stereo kit ever was a Yamaha receiver back from the 90s. Drove some Paradigm monitors from early high school through to graduating college. At the time I thought it was amazing! I still have it actually sitting in a closet because I plan to use it in the future for a garage/workshop setup. Can’t speak for how their newer receivers perform, but I’d happily spend a couple hundred on another Yamaha.

If nothing else, I will send you a Logitech Bluetooth receiver I have lying around if you’d like it. Or a chrome cast audio if you prefer. That way you don’t need it IN the amp. Just let me know.

I second what Mike said as well. If the budget is hard at $500, a used Sprout would be a great option and would drive the Klipsch with ease.

Dammit. Now I’m really mad I sold that. I’d have totally given it to you.

Are you gentlemen trying to shame me into spending more on my daughter? :innocent:

Actually, no offense, I am not sure which front panel she would like, the sprout’s or the Yamaha’s.

I have a NAD3020 v1 you’re welcome to if you pay the shipping. It has bluetooth.

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What’d you think about this little dude?

It’s OK - a bit on the dark side. Sprout is better, and Sprout 100 better still.

…and stop calling me Little Dude.

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I sent GoodBeef a PM. A grand gesture on his part.

In the meantime, can anyone match with a Parasound? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You all are wonderful!

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I had one that I gave to my son with a matching set of NAD speakers to start him off with. It was pretty decent, honestly. I was using it for a desktop system at work for awhile. It’s not as musical as a sprout but it is convenient and modern with Bluetooth and lots of inputs. I don’t expect she will be complaining about it. It’s really a nice entry into hifi; it was my gateway drug and begat a Peachtree. Which begat…

Anyhow. Big hand to @badbeef for paying things forward. That’s what I love about this hobby and the folks of the forum.


She will love the NAD. She does everything with her iPhone and even uses it on the job. She is a nurse will be in awe of Mark’s generosity.

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Happy to see it get a good home. I’m in awe of her work. She deserves some good tunes!


It would make for an entertaining “System Photos” picture with that little tiny amp driving those big horse-sized speakers.

Say what you will, there’s a lot to love about Klipsch. And the heritage designs hold up well still, even though they were originally designed when 20 WPC was a pretty powerful amp!!

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Many Thanks to all for your thoughtful advice and help. I will pay your kindness forward.