Wanted: Long Iconoclast XLR Gen2

I’m looking at completely rearranging the location of my stack and require a long XLR from Iconoclast. Before ordering a new one, does anyone have a long length that they want to part with?

You might also contact them and see if they have any demo cables in the length you want, as they sell demo cables at a discount. Although, the demo cables are usually 5 feet long.

Yeah, I may have set I am getting a new pair Of HFC cables to demo against my current OFE pair, but mine are only 5ft, what length do you need?

I’ve spoken with Bob H and I ordered a 22’ pair of XLR’s today.

Holy moly! You meant really long!

I’m moving my stack away from the middle and positioning nearer to my listening position in a notch in the wall that held my stack many years ago. It will focus the soundstage and allow me to either drop in a P20 or a spare monster amp that I have between my BHK 300’s. The amp is 160 Lbs and would give me an option when I’m in the mood.

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