Wanted--Outlaw 7- or 5-channel poweramp [No longer wanted]

I’ll be selling my two Butler TDB 5150 5-channel amps–which biamp my main speakers–when the BHK 300s arrive, and also will be adding the third pair of ceiling speakers* after the new Marantz '8805 processor arrives, so I’ll need more channels for all those things than I’ll have. I bought my current, excellent-condition Outlaw 7100 (100Wpc times 7 channels, into 8) for a proverbial song, but any original-looking, fully functional one will do.

Reply here or preferably e-mail me at jeffreybehr(at)cox(dot)com if you have one you’d sell or know of one for sale–I sure can’t find one! cry

  • My system is currently a ‘7.2.4’; after 2 more ceiling channels, it’ll be a 7.2.6 system. For you 2-channel audio boys and girls**, that means 7 channels of ear-level sounds (front-left, -center, and -right, one-pair-each of surrounds and rear surrounds), 2 subwoofer channels, and 4 ceiling speakers for reproducing Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks. Most A/V-oriented systems that use 2-or-more-subwoofers are driven by the same, mono, ‘.1’ channel; I’ve turn mine off in the discplayer, which sends that bass equally to the two main front channels. I then drive my 2 excellent Rythmik, 15", sealed SWs from the front stereo channels.

** One of my goodbuddy 2-channel friends, when I told him I’d soon be adding a 3rd pair of ceiling speakers, said ‘If I ever start talking about a multichannel system, just shoot me’. 105_gif