Wanted P10 in Silver [Found]

I will pay up to $3000 including fees for a new one with a warranty. That means you must have purchased from an authorized PS Audio dealer and can prove it. Price goes down from there, based on what you have.

Purchased one last night. Also, I would like to thank Kevin at PS Audio for his help.

Did you get one from PS Audio? Or one of their dealers? Whenever a new unit has come up it sells quick and PS Audio doesn’t list anything for sale (only the new units will be shipping in April). I need a new regenerator, my P500 died a couple of months ago, but I’m trying to resist until the new P5/P10 are released to see what the “buzz” is before making a long term commitment.

I put a “wanted” ad on AudiogoN and a guy replied with a 4 month old unit he purchased from PS Audio within my parameters so I bought it. WIN-WIN!

One more thing… The general consensus is that the “old” P10 is better than the “new” P5. With the “new” P5 having an MSRP of $5000 it was time to score a “old” P10 for less than $3000.

I agree and did the same, found a nearly new one made last August for a great price.

Ok, I saw that ad. I got the impression that PS Audio was involved in finding it, was curious, that’s all. I’m going to AXPONA in about a week and will check out the new units. I don’t think anyone on the forum, outside of PS Audio employees, have heard the new P10/P5 so it is a stretch to say how good they are. Regardless, a good buy on a recent P10 certainly sounds like a fall back plan …

Kevin helped me determine that the unit was in fact purchase from an authorized dealer. In this case it was directly from PS Audio.

That was a smart thing to do and it’s great that PS Audio helps in that regard. Should I find a used one I would do likewise, having the warranty for at least a short time is a definite plus.