Wanted: PS Audio 1 Meter I2S - 12 CAble

Wanted: I could use a PS Audio 1 meter I2S - 12 cable. I’m trying to clean up my connections and my current cable is 2 meters.

I’m withdrawing this WTB as this is causing another member of the forum needless anxiety.

Actually, your post predates the “other” post so I see no reason to withdraw. I would, however, refrain from posting on the “other” post to avoid further angst …

From the “Other” poster: No angst. As I expressed to watchdog (Robert) privately, it’s bad form saying “I’m interested too” on someone else’s wanted thread. There are better ways to express one’s interest (e.g., privately: “if it doesn’t work out…”), as well as to keep one’s post viewable. Hopefully, the supply picks up again and we both turn out well in our searches.

Well, good luck to the both of you! I was searching for a 0.5M I2S-12 cable for a while, but the only one that I was aware of was sold along with a transport. These cables are pretty rare and don’t come up for sale too often.