Wanted: PS Audio Bridge 2

Wanted: PS Audio Bridge 2,


I have one for $899.00 plus tax and shipping if that will help?

Hi, Sandrock

This post, and your other posts offering items for sale, appear commercial in nature, not private enthusiast offers of used equipment. This Buy/Sell subforum is for private sales only.

Hi Elk,

Sorry if you misconstrued my post. It was meant as a “tongue in cheek” poke to the thread starter’s stilted request. Perhaps I might of been a little to oblique in my response and should of noted that the price quoted was available from PSA, hence the tax and shipping tag, but again, I thought it was self evident given that PSA is the manufacture of the product in question and we are on their forum. But I guess what started out as a sort of a silly glib comment turned into something different. That’s to bad and I am sad that it came down to it. It was not my intention!

I am in no way a “dealer” as you claim, nor have I ever been a dealer. I am but an audio enthusiast and have been for all my life. Please see my avatar. It’s depicts my current listening area (with Sprout) and a craft beer (Shock Top Raspberry) that I currently drink.

I am very much aware of what the PSA Forum is about. I am very pleased that it does in fact exist to help us all with knowledge, questions and improvement of our audio systems. I for one want to personally thank PSA for making the Forum available to everyone.

As I am sure you are aware, sadly, we now live in a world of “political correctness” where almost anything no matter how innocent it might be, does get misconstrued and condemned. So on that note, can I suggest that we rise up and move forward to bigger and brighter issues that we all face, and move the world of audio forward to the enjoyment of all.

BTW, should you have any additional concerns or questions, by all means please feel free to contact me personally so that we can together resolve them.

Well I got his joke… Good one

PM sent