wanted : PS Audio Dectet power conditioning power center

Hi, I’m looking for a PS Audio Dectet power conditioning power center. Thanks for your time


Dave, give the sales team a call. I was able to purchase a B-stock unit, for a reasonable price. Also, if you can afford it Music Direct has P3s for $1495, that is $1000 off.

I have a Dectet and the original version of the the P3, the P300. Regenerated power is the way to go, in my opinion.

thanks for the advice jeffstarr, i would love to go for the p3 i think that is exactly what i need. I am in canada and unfortunately i don’t think music direct ship to canada : (

I never considered that Music Direct won’t sell and ship to Canada.

Well if PS Audio ships to Canada, they might match that price. I did just look, it doesn’t show up anymore on the regenerater page, but they may have some b-stock units.

Can’t hurt to ask.

i didn’t realize PSA sold equipment direct. Is there a webpage/site where you can see discounted or b-listed items they may have for sale? Or Do you need to call them and ask?

You have to call, or email them. The only b-stock item that I am aware of that is listed, are the refurbished transports.

The sales people are really decent to deal with. As is customer service, and actually everybody I have ever talked to.

I am just a customer who has owned various PS Audio products, over many years.

By now it was yesterday, I spent some time helping a friend set up her first PC, spend some time dealing with the people at Century Link(?), and you come away appreciating the competent people at PSA, even more. I think PSA is just the right size, big enough that they will out live most of us, but not so big, that they lose that dedication to their customers. They actually care.

Let us know how it works out. If they don’t have any P3s, do you know anyone in the States who could buy it from Music Direct for you, and ship it to you? Just another option.