Wanted: Tubes for my BHK300 amps

Looking for some NOS 7JD8’s - or other recommendations.
Must be ok shipping to Canada.


The Tube Store in Canada has NOS Tungsram, Toshiba and Matsushita 7DJ8’s. I have the Matsushita’s in my 250 now and I suspect the Toshiba’s were built in the same factory. I have used the Toshiba 12AU7’s and they were pretty good tubes. They were a supplier to Baldwin and Conn.

thanks Dawkins, but it appears the 7JD8’s are not listed as NOS.
there’s a NOS section on the website, but closest match is 6JD8’s.
unless I’m missing something…

Check the actual text on the Matsushita’s

The amp uses 6DJ8’s or E88CC’s and the equivalent the 7DJ8’s are equivalent Also 7308 are the same

Also 6N23’s.

ECC189 from Holland and England are not usually very expensive and can sound very good. (I admit I don’t have a BHK but have used them in six components I have.)

What’s your take on the Matsushita’s in the 250. I have 2 sets and I’ve rolled them through the BHK Pre. I like them. The 250’s on a bottom shelf and a PITA to move, so haven’t tried them there. I will but later than sooner. Worth the effort, sooner?

I think in my set up they are a little smoother on the top end but never found changing the tubes in the amp to make a real significant difference compared to changes in preamp tubes. If you’re happy with what’s in there then no rush. My amp sits on an individual stand in front of the rack so the change is no big deal.

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interesting they reference NOS - but with limited description of the vintage.

Thanks for your take an the Mat’s.

I think they are a better overall sounding tube than the Tungsrams but if you are running the factory Gold Lions I’ve never tried as I took them out when I took the amp out of the box. If getting to the tubes is a pain and there’s nothing wrong with the sound then I would leave them until you have to pull the amp out.

Still the Lion’s. I purchased the first Mat’s for the Pre and liked them enough to grab a second set in the event they go up in price. Recently rolled in some NOS Mullard 4003’s and really like them. My intent is to trickle down the Mat’s to the amp. The 250 is my first tube amp (not first pre) and am aware they have less affect on amp sound but appreciate you pointing this out.

Apologies to @tj-sully if this is muddying up your question but I think this discussion has merit to your 300’s. Can’t say when it will happen but I’ll report back when I do place the Mat’s in my 250.