Wanted ZOTL 40 [Found]

Hi , I am looking for a used ZOTL 40 in excellent to good conditon. I currently have a ZOTL40 but I would like to bridge them into Mono .

Hi, I have a zotl40 mk2 and it bests everything else I hear at auditions. I’ll sell much of the rest I own …but not this amp. It’s a killer. Good luck!


Hi Justaz
We are a reseller based in versailles, Frances. I have 1 ZOTL LTA 40 for sale. Bought in Dec 16, like new, <100 hours (used for demo’s in out auditorium). Price 2500€/$2900 + shipment. 12mos warranty from Zotl USA. Contact me at vpicone11@gmail.com for more details. Best Vincent

Hi Vinz .

Thanks for the reply . I was able to find a zotl 40 recently . Actually your post reminded me that I need to remove my ad from the list .


Have you tried 2 LTA 40 in dual-mono mode? :+1: