I recently won a Raspberry 3, with a switch mode wall wart.

I am looking for:

A suitable cabinet

One or two USB hard drives

A linear power supply that will output 5v+

HiFiBerry Digital out(I am still looking into this project, and most seem to use the HiFiBerry)

Anything else that would be needed to makes this product successful. It would start out in my bedroom going into a Benchmark Dac2. If it sounds good it would then replace the laptop I use in my main system.

I am truly in the financial dumper, making monthly payments to an Attorney so I can file Bankruptcy. My SSD Medicare Part D now had a $400 deductible, and 3 of my meds were raised up a Tier. Last year $22 a month, this year $55. My Doctor gets $100 a month on average, my Mortgage went up $59 a month, and will go up again, as my Homeowners Insurance is being raised by about $200, an increase of 30%. My monthly SS check went up $2.50 a month, our first increase in 2 years. Gas prices went down, so the COLA didn’t show the increases in food, meds, and medical expenses. Those of is that are disabled, or old, don’t do much driving.

I would be willing to pay for shipping, but the parts would have to be donated. If I get everything I need, I will write up, with pictures, the project in the DIY Forum.

Thank you, I appreciate that you took the time to read it.

If this violates any Forum rules, please delete.

Good news, I have been offered a 256G USB Hard Drive. Any others out there with something they have, but will never use?