Was Upcoming DS release - Now Windom has been released

I’m sure anyone listening to my system with the DSD and BHK preamp and amp would not consider it lean either. But having lived with an Ayon tubed CD player, I consider the DSD a tad on the lean side of reality. Although the DSD wipes the floor of the Ayon CD player I had in just about every way, the Ayon had a fuller richer sound which was quite enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind a little more flesh on the bone sound from the DSD.

If I could get a release with the spatial refinement of 3.0.0 and the detail and bass definition of 3.0.6 I would have a mountain top I could live on… anything extra would be a sublime surprise.


Where’s that video please?

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Here’s the thread where a link to it was posted:

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More on topic…

Ted, in every release to date I understand you’ve improved the sound quality of the DS DAC by making things more “correct” and/or more efficient, and I don’t doubt that you’ve followed the same methodology with Windom.

But I am curious how confident you are that the reported “fullness” and “richness” are a truer reproduction of what’s described by the input data, versus the kind of pleasant-sounding distortions that tubes (or dare I say it… pre-amps) can impose on a signal? Do you have any ideas about what exactly is happening in the analog domain to account for such audible differences?

This is not a critical question, just endless curiosity. I love my DS DAC and am so grateful that I have the privilege of listening to the music it conveys to me hour after hour.

There are good technical reasons to Windom better than Snowmass - it’s not just a “reflavoring.” (And you’ll have the same people deciding which of 20 compiles to use as you did in Snowmass.)

For my part, each change was only motivated by trying to get more crap out of the way of the sound. E.g. using fewer of the resources in the FPGA that generate the most noise (something we learned about in Snowmass.) And I did a little more of the “Huron -> Redcloud” type changes as well.

I had high confidence that based on the technical changes it would sound better, but I was mildly surprised at the report of more fullness. To me, here, it’s simply nicer to listen to and I knew it was better technically. In hindsight I think I can understand where the “fullness” comes from, but I’m not positive - I have two good contenders, perhaps they both helped.

If anything, Windom will have less distortion the Snowmass, especially with the volumes near the top.


It always interesting how much can still be learned and improved within a theoretically accurate process :wink:

It seems the general process is not the main issue but noise generated somewhere for whatever reason.

I can’t convince many that we need to think of the FPGA as an analog device, not a digital device. But (at least some of) the engineers at Xilinx certainly know this. From the 2nd release of the FPGA code we’ve known that the noise and jitter in the FPGA can’t be ignored and I’ve been making good progress on that from release to release especially since about Yale. It’s basically the same difference as that between the “bits-are-bits” people and those that take jitter seriously.


If you were in the medical sector, people/companies would care more about such findings and you would probably head for a Nobel prize.

So luckily you deal with audio and have to bother with ignorant surroundings, but help our audiophile health in a different way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey, don’t you go giving Ted ideas about Jumping ship over to the medical industry! We need him here! :rofl:

It’s a matter of synergy, room and preference @sixpack1.

I use the DS with a Cary SLP 05 which is fuller sounding than your BHK pre and find it not full sounding. It isn’t lean but could be fuller.

Try a dCS DAC or an old Mark Levinson one in your system to see what I mean. It doesn’t even have to be a Lampizator or TotalDAC.

I am with @Gary_M and have been looking for more fullness since I owned the DS from day one.

Think I get the Fullness Thing, but so many things hereabouts have changed/gotten Fuller lately that I can’t really/reliably comment. But I feel confident saying, You Da Man, Ted✊🏻

Hey Ted - Where you able to address the Snowmass “fade” issue with the new release?

@cudfoo, could you elaborate on the “fade” issue associated with Snowmass? I am not familiar with it.

There’s a fade up when a new track begins that’s a different sampling frequency than the prior track.

Here you go from the first post in the thread:

Great news - thx

So … it’s like October now right???:slight_smile:

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