Watch music videos with JRiver MC21 across the PS Audio Bridge card


Please tell me, is it possible to watch music videos (clips) on my HDD with Jriver MC21 across the Bridge. The sound went to the Bridge and the video was on the computer screen. I have got only intermittent sound and no video image. I have MacBook Pro with DirectStream DAC with Bridge.

Thank you!

I have never tried this, but it should work if JRiver handles it correctly.


Through USB video clips play without any problems, and have picture and sound. Through the bridge is only the sound and the intermittent, the video he's probably also trying to send to the bridge. Something needed to be done in network settings, I failed, I was confused there. Really want to watch clips from the HDD with a good sound, YouTube browser already tired, the sound not as good.

The Bridge II only advertises that it can handle audio, so this might be a j River issue, especially if it appears that is is trying to send video to it.


I don't know where it sends the video stream but may be in the network settings there is some checkbox which will enable him to understand that the bridge need to send audio only. I'm not good with settings maybe you'll see.

It seems so simple, but there's a lot of different settings.

I have Bridge I, in Russia distribution company has no Bridge II.