Waveform Fidlelity GS MKIII High Current 15 amp 6 ft power cord for sale $595

For sale is a Waveform Fidelity GS MKIII power cord in very good condition. It measures 76 inches in length. This a high current cord which is perfect for an amplifier or power conditioner. cord works very well with high current amps such as Pass. It is a terrific cord with a power conditioner such as PS Audio. I am using to good effect on a PS Audio Directstream DAC. The It has a 15 amp IEC connector. It has a few small scuffs on the shrink wrap which are not visible from a couple of feet away. The covering between the plugs is in excellent condition with no snags or flaws that I can see. It comes from a smoke free and pet free home. I am rating it conservatively at 8. The cord can best be described as harmonically rich and very detailed.

From Enjoy The Music:
Ultimately, the best thing I can say about the Waveform Fidelity cables is that I just don’t think about them when I am listening to music. During these last weeks I have had to remind myself that I’m supposed to be evaluating them for review purposes. With all of the other improvements I have made to my system this year, these cables are a crowning touch. I will be writing about some of the other things that have contributed to the improvement, but I believe that the Waveform Fidelity cables have allowed all those other improvements to be realized fully. I have already revealed the punchline here, but to restate it, I give these superb cables my highest recommendation.