We also love cars

This would also be „my car“, it’s a puristic beauty and such a classic, driving in so many old Lino Ventura / Alain Delon films. I love it!

Like my sweetheart, she’s just contrarian enough to be interesting.

I’m getting a Porsche overload here, so I thought I’d chime in :wink:

My baby for 10 years now…

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Nice! Beautiful car in a beautiful setting. Looks like you live in a tough neighborhood.

Tnx! Not @home, unfortunately.

PS----Corvette done?

Speaking of Vettes, I drove a friend’s ZR-1 today. What a spectacular balance of nutball power, with a chassis and brakes that always felt that they were designed with a very nice margin beyond the engine. It was 220 miles of expletives! And it reminded me of my 1966 427/425 with 4.10 gear. It never could have made that trip on one tank of Sunoco 260.

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@RonP - The ZR-1 you drove has 2/3 the HP and 500lbs more weight than my 3,000lb 61 Vette w/ 1KHP will have… I’m going to be afraid to drive it the first time… the good news is the adaptive suspension, the 325/275 paws will try to keep it somewhat tied down. My 600HP Deuce Coupe scares me launching so it should be interesting. The good news is that this supercharged LS3 will have a 2nd key (4) position selective ECU load. The adaptive suspension will also have (3) modes for when the mood strikes you… :slight_smile:

Not your Dad’s C1…

That 66 Vette w/ 427 & 4:10 gears must have been a handful… Of all the Vettes, the 61 is my favorite. Some guys loved the C7, some the C2… all personal preference… I had a 350ci w/ 375HP and that was scary enough driving. However, the new Art Morrison (4) link will help manage the HP. I’m running 15in front and 14in rear Wilwood disc brakes w/ Hyratech power assist. I’m running dual CTSV pumps with custom fuel tank to feed the beast.

Here is the dyno of the supercharged LS3
LS3 w/ 2.9 Whipple Supercharger - Dyno Video

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@RonP - I left you a link to my Vette’s dyno video so you can listen to and visually see the HP & ftlbs torque. Smart move on the preamp position. I have to remove mine each time I roll them… good thing it’s only once a year minimum.

When I first saw the video I thought, wow, huge primary tubes, but then I remembered it’s a thousand freakin hp!!!

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@RonP - do you see the 102mm Nick Williams TB? Intake is ported and I am running a COPO 2.9L Whipple supercharger. The intercooler I/O is 1.0", not the standard 5/8" I/O. I have designed the LTR (Low Temp Radiator (intercooler)) already along with going to a 10-15gpm intercooler pump. The denser the intake air, the higher the HP. Also, the 1,000cc fuel injectors are flow bench matched perfect at 2ms to give better idle. I know the president of the FI company. Also, the intake is ported… that is a very serious engine. Each CTSV fuel pump delivers an easy 350L/hr and I’m running dual pumps… I have the Rick’s Tank done with the dual CTSV pumps loaded.

The really cool thing is that at the turn of a 2nd key, the motor is de-tuned to 300HP for grocery getting. Then when I want to track it, boom… turn the key and push the track suspension button. Also having muffler cut-out actuator for track.

Send your ZR-1 buddy the link and tell him it was built by my friend Casey Wegner. He builds motors for the Ring brother (SEMA). Tell him the rag top was tossed out (Arizona & Hard Top) in place of tubs for the 325 Michelin Pilot Super Sport. We are shaving the weight to be less than 3,000lbs. The tranny is a Tremec T600 wide ratio for the 0.62 (5th gear) for 2K @ 75mph. There is so much low end torque. I also modified the tranny for 7,000rpm shifts and a ZR-1 McLeod dual hydraulic clutch…

This Vette is very “new school” with my Deuce very “old school”… :slight_smile:

It’s hysterical to think that your supercharger is 2.9L and the engines is a couple of my 911’s are 3 and 2 L.

@RonP - Yeah, Casey had the stock 2.9L Whipple on the LS3 and ready to dyno and I had him rip it off and put the COPO SC on the engine. No COPO badging; don’t care. That cost me 6weeks wait and an additional $600. While I was waiting, he ported the intake and upped the fuel injectors to 1,000cc. We got in an argument cause he did not believe me about the intercooler I/O size difference. Also, since I’m running AN-12 intercooler loop, I speced a Stewart IC pump that will take the IC loop from ZR-1 4gpm $2K pump to over 12gpm $600 pump cause I stepped back and understood the Stewart pump has I/O of 1.0in vs. ZR-1 pump of 3/4in. I designed the LTR and IC reservoir for 1.0in, you then have a much faster IC loop. Yes, the LTR can keep up.

You’re going to need a lot of self control. And a washable fabric on the seats.

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@RonP - the reason I have an associate load on the ECU. I will get close to 20mpg when the ECU load key is in position one. This stereo hobby is chump change compared to my car hobby. The engine and chassis alone is half the price of my entire stereo budget.

New car alert :slight_smile:


@cxp - very nice Mustang! Way to go on your new car! Love the color too.

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Audio system will need attended to.

Audison will likely be going in there.

@cxp - My Deuce has Brax & Pioneer Stage 4 head unit. (2) 1150watt amps: one for (8) cabin Brax Matrix speakers and one for dual JL Audio subs in the trunk. I designed the sub enclosure. 700R4 Street Fighter tranny with Wavetrac rear end and 3.5in aluminum balanced driveshaft… It goes fast and also sounds great.

Nice head unit ! One of if not the best !