We also love cars

Having fun in the dolomites…


My cars aren’t particularly exciting compared to the competition here.


My 1981 VW Rabbit pickup is going up for auction next.

I love this little thing, but it’s too little for me.


Looks like you have a nice garage

not mine! It’s a car storage place in minneapolis.

I would kill to have enough space so I didn’t have to store things.

Or maybe I need to just get rid of the things.

All cars are cool in their own way. All convertibles should come with a roll bar! :smile:


Pretty location

Blue-Ridge Parkway, Mt. Pisgah area.

Hush your mouth.

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I am primarily interested in getting rid of fat cells. The rest stays until I die.

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That is some of the best driving (or in my case biking - motorcycle that is…) I have done. Wonder in May and Sept. Summer a bit crowded for me.

Indeed, Western-NC and East-TN offer visually-spectacular, yet emotionally-‘soft’ scenery on their backroads. Evocative, introspective, and humbling.

When you visit again, in case you haven’t driven it, one of the best kept secrets is the Cherohala Skyway.

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Oh yes did that one too. Been that way only a few times. I am looking at places to retire and I would love TN but the wife is scared to death of tornadoes

Middle-TN has their occasional tornado. Given the Cumberland Plateau between Middle- (e.g., Nashville) and East-TN (e.g., Knoxville), the East TN Valley rarely ever gets tornadoes as most of the ‘climatic’ energy has already dissipated.

“East TN Valley rarely ever gets tornadoes as most of the ‘climatic’ energy has already dissipated.”

@brian.fitterman: “Plus 1”

East of Nashville and North of Chattanooga are far from tornado prone.

Besides, there are plenty of double-wide trailers sprinkled about to draw them away from the most populated area.

^That was a joke. No offense intended. I love trailers. I spent the first year of my life in a trailer. Some of my friends are trailers…er…I mean have lived in trailers. Nothing wrong wit trailers…

Seriously, I am a 15 year plus transplant from Northwest Indiana and an experience tornado season veteran. East Tennessee is beautiful and Kudzu is more of a threat to life and limb than tornadoes in these parts.


Thanks for the info. My parents lived in crossbills for a few years before permanently heading to FL. It was super nice area.


In any event, yes – East Tennessee is a bit of a best kept secret, IMO.

Lots of development and folks moving in though. So, I think the secret is out.


Sorry autocorrect got me. Yes that’s it. Crossville.

Check out this drive on the mountain this week. Crazyness.