We also love cars


My wife has owned an SLK320 and then a SLK 350. She loved MB and me too. She is in the process of selling her 56 Thunderbird and will pick up the SL450 or SL550. Love the SL550 supercharged. I was next to an M5 that started to race me last week pulling away from a light… tooooo funny… long story short I waited many minutes for him to catch up… just not a BMW fan and there are many that are not Corvette fans and many that own different and better tunes than me… that is what is great about this forum… diversity of thought and execution… I also respect amsco15’s trip into BMW SUV land… he asked, I responded… I did not say “soul sucking”; however, man that is funny as hell…


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I suspect this is a great deal more than you wanted to know.


I agree, electric steering on the F15 is a little light and doesn’t have that on center feel. Sport suspension added settings to add weight. One drawback was the extreme rear toe-in. Chews up tires really fast, especially softer summer rubber. I replaced tires like I was tracking it.


Characterizing all minivans and SUV with the broad brush of “soul sucking” is OTT. Immoderation. Especially, don’t take unwarranted insults and snobbery too seriously.


No worries. Just interjecting a little irony.


Inline 6 with twin turbos. I’ve read a lot about expensive BMW V8 repairs. The 6 with the turbos is rated at 300hp. The car is heavy but it’s 0-60 times are still good. I’ve owned several BMWs including an E46 3 series manual. I’m more into luxury at this point in my life. I drive a lot for work and like the heads up display and overall technology integration. I also like my soul sucked.


Well, after that wire brushing you seem in tact… :slight_smile:
OK, so remind me not to ask about SUV(s) or Corvettes… :slight_smile:


Ha! And I thought most people bought SUV’s to avoid the minivan stigma? I’ll never view SUV’s in the same light again!

My wife always preferred MB sedans so have had a number of those over the years. I can imagine the blown version of the SL to be very strong. Won’t compete with the power/weight ratio of your Z06 but should be s good kick in the backside and comfy too boot.


Actually, the BMW inline 6 is Twin Scroll, not Twin Turbo.


Don’t know the difference. I assume it’s a screw and not a fan that provides the pressure boost?


I have the 2015 X3 with the 3.0L twin turbo. Its really fast as you ever need an SUV to go (or BMW SAV - Sports Activity Vehicle as they call it) 0-60 in 5.6. I think it drives nice but, in Texas we felt like an SUV was a necessity with all the large trucks and stuff around, nice to be able to sit up a bit. I say if you like it, go for it.


My wife has the 2016 X3. I think it’s an awsome car. I just bought it for her.


OK so full disclosure - NFW… the Z06 is a freak in the sheets. However, the drive is anything but race car till you have it in Track or Sport… my wife lost her $hit when she put her foot in the Z06. It has heads up display, ride traction control… accelerating past 130+mph last week was like doing 50mph… it is so aerodynamic. I was on a side street trying to get use to the power and in seconds I’m doing 125mph. It is freakin scary…

Like @Baldy says - 0-60mph and you are just getting out of 1st gear and you have 7 more gears…


Characterizing all minivans and SUVs as soul-sucking dream killers is merely a simple objective description.

As for practicality, minivans appear to me to be vastly more useful and cost-effective. But I readily admit little foundation for an opinion as I stay as far away from both vehicle types as I can.

I also do not understand the appeal of pick-ups other than as an actual work vehicle, but relatively few are used this way. Yet Ford sells two F-150s every minute, over 900,000 last year. Mind-boggling.


Love that… “objective description” tooooo funny…


Completely fair. I have a great deal of trouble recognizing satire, sarcasm, etc. and tend to take everything literally.


I can imagine. My GTS has 500 hp and can break the tires loose at 80. Your car has 150 more hp and torque and a couple hundred pounds lighter. If you get too used to the Z06 trade it in for the ZR1!
I do miss the heads up display. Had it both in the C6 and X5.


Whats really funny is how many of the $70k versions they sell. They make roughly $10k on the base version and a whole lot more on the fully loaded models and the assembly line runs a a constant speed it takes just as much time either version. And there are a lot of them with 4 wheel drive and brush guards that never make it off a paved road.


A turbo charger is a fan spun by exhaust gasses. The fan drives a compressor (essentially another fan) which compresses the intake charge. Twin Scroll means there are two such exhaust driven fans driving a single compressor. BMW maintains this design allows for smaller fans which spin up more quickly, reducing turbo lag. Their engines still exhibit turbo lag, but is reduced.

For forced induction I prefer superchargers. The compressor is driven directly off of the engine so there is no lag. They also produce more low-end torque which translates to quicker acceleration.


I’m in a building construction business. Back when I owned my 3 series, I would drive to a construction site and often receive “good natured” ridiclule about the wealthy engineer owning a BMW. Their trucks were worth much more than my BMW. I just took the ribbing.