We also love cars


My GTS has twin turbos and zero lag. The turbos rest in the V - MB speak “hot v”.




From what some consider it’s most unflattering angle. I think it’s sharp as hell.

White/black interior.


Lot’s of people around here appreciated two locking axles when they unintentionally went off the road and I was still on it. Don’t get much white stuff in Seattle and it’s always a cluster when it happens.


Winter - wife swimming… I have not seen snow in 10 years… so cool in a pic…


15 pax, full-sized white vans are da bomb. 0-60 eventually. Mixed mileage of UP TO 14 MPG!! Paint that isn’t applied with any intent to durability. Seat tracks designed to trap french fries, crayons, and small children. Thin grey vinyl as far as the eye can see.

It’s truly living the dream, y’all.


The Z06 with the Z07 package is even more fun. Brembo carbon ceramic brakes (23 pounds less unsprung weight coupled with tremendous stopping power), even more upgraded suspension, aero 3 package, Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires (essentially racing tires with tread painted on). The polar opposite of soul-sucking.

The only downside is a set of Z07 replacement carbon ceramic rotors, pads, and tires adds up to $17,859.96 at MSRP - more than a new Chevy Cruze.

A neat bit of trivia re carbon ceramic rotors: one does not measure wear by determining remaining thickness, but by weighing the rotors. They are shot when they get too light, even though they do not get any thinner. They instead lose material by ablation. Also, one needs to be very careful not to get anything other than water and mild soup on them. Wheel cleaners are a big no-no on this car. I remain paranoid cleaning the wheels.

The car also comes with neat little stiff foam protectors to place on the rotors to protect them when taking off the wheels. Carbon ceramic rotors chip easily.


Rub it in! Time to book a flight out of town.


My son has an M2. It is a really nice little hot rod with just enough of everything to be a blast to muscle around. It was also almost exactly half the money of my Z06.


Snowmass V3… I think it sounds better than either V1 or V2. Dead silent background.


Yeah - thanks for taking the wind out of my sails… time to climb in the tub with a dull knife… To be honest with you, not worth the coin… however, if you have unlimited funding… not me… I would have went the ZR1 instead of the Z07 package. I did really think of the ZR1… :slight_smile:


In my opinion, it’s the straightest line back to the original BMW philosophy.


Keep telling yourself this. :slight_smile:

There is still lag. Two smaller turbos (or twin scrolls) have less lag than a single bigger turbo, and their are many additional tricks used to reduce lag. Porsche leaves the throttle open a bit on lift throttle. The air pumped through the engine on fuel cutoff overrun thus helps to keep the turbos spooled up as air is still moving through the engine and out the exhaust. It is clever. But there is still lag.

But to BMW’s and Porsche’s credit, their systems are good enough the average driver does not notice turbo lag - a neat accomplishment. Just do not start looking for the lag, you will find it. :slight_smile:


Have you driven one?


I’m not a big German car fan but it is certainly a nice “driving machine”. Its got some sort of computer generated auto throttle rev matching gear change help. Which ever gear you are heading for you can make the change without using the clutch. Also it’s got some hellatious brakes. It takes some time to figure out how to push light enough on the stop pedal. Not for me but it is a fun car.


My son bought a cheap Kia Sedona minivan from another homeschooling family. We were cleaning it out and pulled no less than six pencils and/or crayons out of each of the two sliding door tracks. The doors work MUCH better now.

And you call minivans soul-sucking…


This is reminding me of the old Top Gear show where they would declare car A clearly better than car B because car A had a 3 mph higher top speed, or where Elk–sorry, Stig-- would lap 0.3 better on their test track…


No toy is worth the money if it is of insufficient interest to one personally.

It is however much easier to get the average person to at least partially understand buying a Z06 than a vastly less expensive audio system.

I considered a ZR1. It is an astounding machine. The Corvette ZR1 ran the Lightening Lap of Virginia International Raceway in 2:39, in second place of all time after 12 years running and hundreds of cars. (Beat only by the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Weissach, 2:37.8)
The Corvette Z06, ran 2:44.6, tenth place.


I have driven many, along with the vast majority of street cars. I do a lot of track instruction.


It was proven conclusively, I think by Consumer Distorts, that minivans WILL have a deleterious effect on a man’s Y; will result after only a few thousand miles in a fella going out on Saturday to shop for throw pillows…