We also love cars

Will I be kicked from the forum if I admitted that I like the styling of the C8 better than the styling of the 2020 911? If so, I’ll just keep that to myself.


You are very brave. I suggest keeping hidden. hide


An SQ5 is definitely not a VW. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

yeah, but it’s closer to one than my Miata

Poor lad. Maybe you’re dehydrated. Somebody get James some water.

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Sorry mate…


All right…license and registration please

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:rofl: … I had to. In all seriousness, I love the 911. I also genuinely like the way the C8 looks. And with all of the hate over the C8 and all of the drool over the 911, I thought I’d even things out a bit.


Every new generation of Corvette is met with horror and gnashing of teeth, predictions of the end of civilization.

A few years pass, the next new one is revealed - now the previous new thing is gorgeous, and what could they be thinking with the latest iteration?

I have seen the same with BMWs. I assume the same is true with each introduction of a new generation of 911.

It gives enthusiasts something to get all worked up about.

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I’m old enough I’m old enough i’m old enough to remember my uncle swearing and being absolutely incredulous when we first saw the 911. His 356’s were REAL Porsches not this Amerkinish abominayshun. He was a pisser.

Can’t be that much hate over the C8. The car will likely be sold out for 2 years in a row with no cars for sale on dealer lots.

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They know exactly who their market is and they give them what they want.

Porsche 904 Carrera GTS - best looking Porsche ever built in my opinion. I’m just about $2.27 Million shy of purchase. Mind you I always liked the early 70’s oddballs like the Alpine A110, TVRs, Opel GT, Sunbeams… - you know - a sucker for cars you could never afford to keep from falling apart or keep running… I did own a few MGs. They were much fun. Especially on the days they actually made it home. I traded my 88 TBird turbo coupe with a buddy for his corvette for an entire summer one year. It was fun but I was glad to get the bird back.

End aimless ramble… :roll_eyes:

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It is a high quality ramble.

You are correct, the 1964 904 Carrera GTS is a neat looking car.

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This would be the Porsche to have, one for the ages. 0 to 60 in 3.6 second back in 1987. Reported 200 mph top speed back in 1987!!!

I won’t even mention it’s 4 wheel drive, oops I did it again.

I’m with you. I have a C7 Z06and love it. I also like the C8 and am waiting for the Z06 version to become available. I have never been a Porsche person but do appreciate them as well as other high performance road cars. The base line C8 for $60k is the bargain of the century on a dollar vs performance curve. You could buy two new C8’s for the cost of a nicely equipped import.


If I’m not mistaken Bill Gates was the first person in the USA to import a 959 into North America.

The performance/$ ratio of the Corvette is astounding and has been for decades.

I need to see the new C8 Z06 and what it offers before I will seriously consider a C8 (I am content with my C7 Z06/7), but the “base” C8 is already impressive.

At a minimum it will be fun to watch what GM does with the car.

Very possible, Mr. Gates is a long term Porsche fan.

It doesn’t look like the older versions but I think they found their intended marked spot on. All of the old timers like me aren’t getting any younger and this new cars sales proves out their intent. They are literally sold out for the near future. When I bought my '16 it took a year to take delivery and I think that is about the same lag for the C8. Every one at the Corvette plant take their job very serious and want to make each car as perfect as a production “hand made” car can be.