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Motocross at 45 is an achievement by itself.

My sentiments exactly. You have to be in damn good shape to race in your 30’s let alone 40’s. Go Galen!

I road raced motorcycles until I was 42. Had a couple of friends killed and one paralyzed all within a few months of each other. That’s when I quit and took up Skeet shooting and golf. I missed the competition of racing and got back into cars…I’ll be 60 in a few months…no plans on quitting car racing until 65 or 70.

Towards the end (I’m 63 now) we used concept II rowing machines. My Email is rower30 because I rowed 7500 meters in thirty minutes. You heart rate would be to 175 and climb to 200 the last 1200 meters. This matched what the heart rate monitors we wore recorded while racing. I got to 100 push-ups three times a day to hang onto the thing! I’m at 50-60 push-ups a day @ 63 years old so the bike and I would not stay as “one” too long.

There would be a SPIKE of 220 BPM now and again racing and why I sucked. I scared myself silly too often and all the Adrenalin saps your endurance. Racing was always on a Sunday. My parents asked about church. I said I pray over every big jump and get far more praying in at the races than I ever did in church! I broke my ribs (six at once!) my wrist and dislocated my hip from just the impact landing off jumps. The suspensions weren’t that good back then. You’d land and hear stuff crack and pop and it was the bike breaking or you. Sometimes you weren’t sure which until the next turn and stuff wasn’t “working” anymore.

You guys are WAY ahead of anything I’ve ever done racing.

I ride my 1992 BMW R100RT around, the GTI and eventually the Panamera 4 when it gets here. No more motocross bikes.


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I have a Concept 2 RowErg…best workout ever!

I used to own an manual transmission RX8 and loved it. Unfortunately the engine seals gave out and I made the mistake of having the engine replaced, then sold it for a 911.

I drove a stick shift in Manhattan for many years and was almost going to get the 911 in manual, but tried the PDK and could “deal” with it.

Since I have only car I found a 911 (Targa 4S)

that has a useable hatchback and can even do film shoots out of it. Not my car but similar except for interior.

I decided to keep the keep the car for the foreseeable future, and had it completely wrapped in paint protection film after some paint work, and here’s a short video I shot if it being wrapped.

The car is still worth close to what I paid for it in 2014 with 11k miles!

I was away from home for a year and needed a car for Florida and took the opportunity to buy a the impractical car I always wanted. A manual transmission 2015 Z51 3LT with full leather dash.