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". . . low cost Octave streamers available for multi-room use. "


Is there any chance that Octave will have a Convolver like Roon? This is critical for me.


Jtwrace - learned some new things about Roon, thanks! I’ve been using Altiverb in the studio for many years, so am familiar with convolution reverb. Sadly (but understandably) the IR responses in Altiverb are in a proprietary package/format so they can’t be used outside the plugin AFAIK.

Is there any way to control the level of the IR verb relative to the program material within Roon? (Short of creating attenuated versions of the IRs). Otherwise it’s kinda useless to me. Why is it “critical” for you? Just curious.

The other thing I didn’t know was there was a Dark Theme - my iPad and eyeballs thank you!


I think I know what you’re asking. Roon is only loading the filter and using it. The filter is created using Audiolense or a similar product where you can shape it however (IF) you want after measurements (e.g. tame the top end) then load that filter. As for critical, it’s the last piece of superb sound as Audiolense is incredibly powerful and aligns with science from Dr. Toole and others. I’m not a proponent of DRC without fixing the mechanics of the room. It’s imperative that the room is “right” before doing any DRC. What AL does with psychoacoustics is quite astonishing however. Roon is much more than just an endpoint for a large music library for me and MANY others.


Some further reading:


Interesting - thanks!

On the subject of the thread - it may have been mentioned before, but I would vote for the option of a Dark Theme for Octave. I wish these Forums could be viewed that way. When I spend a lot of time on the Forums, it drains my iPad batteries quickly due to all the white pixels, which (even though I’ve gone and turned down the brightness of the screen) is shortening the device’s lifespan. This is in addition to the eyestrain.


I also use Altiverb, but the IR Roon will accept is entirely different and for room correction. There is a lot of software which relies on IR sampling of your listening room to tailor the speaker output to your room.

For me, it is a love it or hate it. I despise the sound of this type of room correction. Those I know who use it find it wonderful.


We don’t support or encourage DRC. However we are working on a system that will correct and allow for control of individual recordings. This will be a somewhat different tact than what Roon has done.


When I said it was “interesting”, that was in no way an endorsement ; )

I had just thought of it more as a fun thing like “hall” processing on a HT receiver (which I’ve never used for more than 10s), but maybe better. I’ve owned lots of DRC hardware, and ultimately prefer it without. Some would appear to think that since it’s software baked into the player software that it is somehow without penalty…I visited a friend, whose helpful pal had set three extremely narrow, maximum dB ADDED peaks to the top end in Roon DSP. That just goes against everything I know. Fortunately, it was mostly inaudible. Until I turned off DSP altogether.

The Roon Convo thing uses many different sorts of files - I downloaded some free .wav versions of IRs of an actual room and a reverb unit. They load in and work - but were 10x as loud as one would want, with no way of adjusting their relative volume. I also had to enable DSP volume control and decrease the level by 18dB to get it to where I wouldn’t distort, hence my question about controlling the relative levels.


I assumed the Roon setup would be for room correction only, not for IR reverb. Adding reverb would be dreadful.

Interesting, indeed. :slight_smile:


Dunno that it would have to be dreadful in every instance. For example, if you had a solo piano recording in an extremely dry acoustic, you could add a tad of some nice Favorite-Concert-Hall of your choice. If the recording already has an audible acoustic signature, then yeah, doesn’t work.

It was one of those, “I didn’t know Roon did that - ooh free new toy!” things. Had to try.


Sure, if one carefully applies reverb/ambience as we do in a studio. :slight_smile:

However, I have seen such things used in a home audio system as set-it-and-forget-it. As an example, decode mid-side and then increase the side information by 6dB. Yes, it is more expansive but . . . yuck.


Can you explain in more detail? Correct and control what exactly? Audiolense is MUCH more than DRC.


Here, here, dark backdrop please


Another option for convol generation. I created a few filters in REW but was unable to come close to what this Frenchmen is capable of creating. I used his older x-talk service. Now he has added head-related transfer function (HRTF).


Will the server come to market before fall?


Unlikely. I think we’re still looking at end of year, beginning of 2019.


Just like to give some input regarding what is really important to me (& I suspect many others as well).
Talking about being able to insert booklet, insert, and other general information so that I can peruse this additional information as I listen.
I have always enjoyed reading booklets, cover inserts and other information as I listened and am assuming that I will be able to continue this practice with Octave.
Really, I would be very surprised if this capability was not included but just stating my strong interest.
Talking about downloading booklets, etc that are on the internet and scanning copy & pasting from material that is not on the internet.
Having the information on my iPad will be much more convenient that opening up a CD box and removing the insert, of looking up the internet, or opening book!
Keep up the good work.


I like the interface, and though I am currently using Roon it will be a nice adjunct. I would like to see the possibility to write/amend the tags. I also added on the link you provided that it would be cool to add my own .jpg for items it is impossible to procure album art for.

What about the ability to select how you would like to discover: artist, genre, style, era, or a combination therein.


On the ipad: settings, general, accessibility, display accommodations, invert colours, smart invert.

Activate/deactivate by triple click on the home button.

Voila! Dark mode


Thanks! Not exactly what I was looking for, but good to know : )