We'd like some help with Octave


Apologies if this has been answered before but will the new Bridge III come with Octave inbuilt?


Yes. That’s the main purpose of Bridge III. Paul has said they will also try to include a Roon endpoint for those who want to stick with Roon but it’s intended to run Octave. Unlike prior Bridges, the Octave Bridge will include the server and not just be an interface.


Looks nice so far. I can’t tell if my custom structure needs will be met:
My need is to be able to set up my own genres and folders. For genres I may list my music differently than what has already been ‘meta-tagged’ - e.g.: “Acoustic Music,” “Singer Songwriter,” “Acoustic Jazz,” “Modern Jazz,” “Classic Jazz,” “Rock,” “Hard Rock.” The thing is, I need to be the one to determine what in my collection I deem to be ‘hard rock,’ or acoustic jazz, so I need to be able to create my own genre/folders. I also like to create a “High Res” folder with “DSD/PCM” sub folders. I need a “recently added” sub folder in each of my custom folders. In other words, I need to be able to efficiently integrate my existing custom folder structure into the music server - something that I can do now with JRiver - without having to worry about the server taking my folders/sub folders and trying to auto organize them.


This is partly similar to my needs (also coming from Jriver). IMO everyone with more than very basic needs is different with varying demands. That’s why I think a library SW should contain a more or less broad customizing environment like Jriver has.


@jazznut. . .I agree. I have developed the perfect structure (for me), which may not be intuitive, or effective at all for others. What I file as ‘acoustic jazz’ is almost certainly filed differently in most - if not all - manufactured servers. For me, “classic hard rock,” located within my ‘Hard Rock’ folder, is groups like Deep Purple, Humble Pie, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper . . . yet, I have Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Roger Waters and Ten Years After filed under “classic rock” within the ‘Rock’ Folder. I have Ray Brown listed under my “Acoustic Jazz” folder because he plays the acoustic bass. I get overwhelmed every time I try to search by artist, album, or song - which I can do if I choose. I need it broke down the way I deem necessary.


I can’t imagine Octave won’t allow for custom Genre tags. I’m pretty sure it’s been mentioned before. Roon allows for custom Genre tags and, if I recall correctly, you can toggle the Roon tags on or off. The Roon tags are a subset of the custom tags. System worked fine in Roon. My memory of Roon is fading a bit. I only used the trial and never paid for a subscription.

I’m always ready to jump to Roon when the JRiver folks let JRemote die after an iOS update (for some reason they are not found of paying JRemote any love). I’m sure I’ll give Octave a close look. Right now seems like it’ll be pricey: $1K+ for a Bridge III card minimum if I were guessing. I’m not going to even consider a $6K server.


And please forgive me if this has been answered yet as well but will Bridge III be managed through wifi instead of just via ethernet?

Thank you



Yes. Bridge III will also have built in wifi


Thank you Paul.

And, ehm, any idea of its price?



Probably $799


perfect, a 20% less than the Bridge II…

Yes, let see the italian price…

But maybe I could order it directly to Ps Audio…




Exactly this might be a reason for me, too, to leave Jriver if they do so. I don’t like pure Browser interfaces as control end point at all. Otherwise it’s just perfect for me. ROON to me is pretty but not functional enough.


Any idea as to trade allowance for Bridge ii?


Nope. Far too early to speculate on that. However, if you pay attention to our pattern we almost always make a pretty hefty allowance for trades.


Thanks Paul. Since my DS Jr is brand spanking new (a month old) I’m hoping the trade in allowance is a pretty good one.


I doubt there will be a trade-in allowance on Bridge 3 for DSJ because Bridge 2 in DSJ is hardwired internally. Whereas Bridge 2 in DS Snr is removable and thus can be returned for trade-in credit on Bridge 3.


Possibly a factory installed upgrade will be made available.


AFAIK, the bridge module in the DSjr is the “CDMCM-210”. Here:

It’s a modularized design. Good Job!
As a DSjr user in China, just wish we can trade-in the module with the local dealer rather than buy a new one. :slight_smile:


Paul has said he hopes to make the B2 to B3 upgrade user-installable in the DS Jr so I would think a trade-in is distinctly possible, at least in the US.


That’s not true. The Bridge in DSJ is on a plug in board. It’s not the easiest to get to but it is replaceable, certainly at the dealers or factory and probably by handy customers.