We'd like some help with Octave


Some turnkey servers will make a back up copy of what is on the server to a plugged in USB drive. Others read off of an external drive - just take this drive to a laptop/desktop and make a backup copy. Both are easy.


Surely any server storing content would be in a RAID configuration and be redundant against data loss caused by a single drive failure? Just replace the failed drive with a new one and the server will rebuild the new drive from the parity data.


Not what we’ve planned. The idea in Octave for backup is to connect an external USB drive for backup. There will be a dedicated USB port on the back. When you plug in (or leave plugged in) a USB drive the backup process will start automatically. Most of us don’t add to and subtract music from our drives on a daily basis and so backup isn’t something needed all the time. If it is, leave the USB drive attached.


That easy back up method sounds excellent (particularly via USB3). Even more reason to have the user save money by using whatever SSD/HDD they want (and not having one stock with the unit).


That absolutely sounds easy enough for everyone!

Are there any plans how the storage capacity can be expanded (aside of using a bigger SSD drive in case bigger than 2TB is available as a single 3,5“ unit)? I ask because 2 TB is nearly the space just one label‘s DSD files occupy on my NAS and that’s DSD64, not 128 or 256…


I don’t think there’s a practical limit on the size of the drive inside. It’s easy to access through a drawer.


Will it be possible to add a 2nd drive inside the unit for expansion? Currently you can purchase 10-12 TB (3.5”) SSD drives for <USD 450 each and prices will continue to drop or capacity increase (a 60TB drive is soon to be released but will cost ~7K according to internet).


sorry, my mistake, I meant 2,5“ as I assumed this is the size inside the drawer and I thought especially SSD but even HDD of this format are still quite limited in capacity (2-4TB). But this might just get a problem for those when making extensive use of high sampling rate media. Howsoever the use of a NAS still stays an option.


Nope. Accommodates just one.


I currently have a Baetis Prodigy Server streaming to my DirectStream Jr and I am a lifetime subcriber to Roon. The Prodigy Server is the only non PS Audio device I have, (I also have BHK 300 and Preamp with a PS10). The server feeds the DSJR through either the coaxial cable, usb, and/or through the ethernet to the bridge. I also use JRiver for my serious listening sessions. I could forsee a future where I have my current server feeding the Direct Stream Jr Roon while using the lower priced version of the Octave to feed my DirectStream Jr. for more serious listening sessions. My question is what type of output from the Octave do you foresee being the best to feed the DirectStream Jr? What output has been the easiest to meet your level of musical standards and what has been the hardest?


To me it doesn’t make sense having 2 servers, why divide purposes of serious and non-serious listening between different servers?
I also have a music server, and for that reason Octave is not on my purchasing radar at all. I just don’t see the point of having both. For the same reason I’m divesting myself of all but one of my DAC’s. And no more hardware for physical disc spinning either.

I’m moving towards a position of absolute minimum and simplicity.


I2S. We’ll pay special attention to Octave’s I2S outputs because that’ll be your best bet. Other outputs will include standards like coax and XLR, USB.


Like the sound of this “extensive digital lens … that takes up half the space of the chassis and is completely galvanically isolated… etc etc”
We’ve been round this buoy before so to repeat:

  1. As a follow-up product can you sell this lens with USB and ethernet data input and I2S output?
  2. For me this would be a killer product as all my music library is on a NAS way away from the hifi and I do not want a computer & disk drive anywhere near the hifi.
    I’m sure there are many others with a similar requirement. The remaining question is where would the server and control software reside? Octave server software on the NAS and Octave control app on a tablet?


I’m a little bit lost on your point and reasoning there…


I think we’re saying the same thing. The Octave server has the Lens built in, easily connects to your NAS, requires no computer. It does have a hard drive inside but you don’t have to use it. Or, are you asking to have nothing but the Lens and a USB input without Octave’s built in computer and HD? While the HD isn’t a requirement (and there will be subsequent lower cost models available without it) the internal Octave computer is required to connect to your NAS.

Server and control software all live inside Octave and are accessed through a tablet or phone with Octave app installed.


I guess we are into semantics here. Every NAS has an onboard computer (which I use to run MinimServer software) but it can be remote from the hifi.
How does the computer processor in the Octave server compare? It obviously runs the Octave server software but is it required for anything else if there is no HD? I assume the rendering functions (Ethernet and USB to I2S) in the digital lens are hardwired (via an FPGA?). Hence I ask “cannot the Octave software be migrated to a NAS processor?”


It is my understanding that Octave will not support Roon because of sound quality issues. If Octaves I2S SQ outperforms my current server in SQ but underforms relative to the Roon GUI it makes perfect sense for me to have 2 servers feeding my Direct Stream JR. I have heard Roon users griping about how they will not leave Roon while understanding that they will need to give up SQ. Hopefully the Octave GUI is up to Roon but if it is not I can still have my Octave SQ cake and eat my Room GUI also.


What do you expect ROON to be able to do for you that OCTAVE can’t?


I am a huge fan of PS Audio. I have every component they offer. However, I don’t think I am the only Roon user that has some doubts that Octave will be able to do everything that Roon does on a functional basis. For example multiple Roon endpoints to allow me to stream to multiple zones at the same time in different rooms or three different songs in three different rooms at the same time. Roon has had a 2 to 3 year head start on PS Audio and a relatively large user community. I hope that Octave will be everything that Roon has and more, but if not I have a relatively simple solution. It sounds like you are not even considering Octave so I am trying to figure out why you care so much about me having two servers. How about we agree to disagree and you can consider me an idiot for having two severs that serve different purposes.


Just want to add my own perspective here.
I am not interested in Roon or any equivalent.
Not interested in multiple rooms.
Not interested in multiple servers.
Not interested in price/features cutting.
Not interested in the icing on the icing on the cake.
Not interested in short cuts.
Not interested in rushing things along.
Just want to (mostly) run my HiFi system with, and I don’t think that I am getting over the top here (please forgive me if I am!):
Legendary engineering;
Brilliant build quality;
Visionary software; and
An emphasis on sound that I believe that only PS Audio really really wants to make the effort to achieve!!!
I am looking to have this as the heart of my system.
Don’t care much about the peripheral stuff.
Just want the basics to be great.
I am utterly convinced that they will be.
Think that a lot of people are standing in my shoes.
Am happy to hear lots of other opinions, they are interesting and some really good things are coming out.
Keep the discussion flowing.
Keep the good work continuing.
Keep us all bursting with anticipation!