Welborne Lab Linear Power Supply

For Sale:

Another item in the closet collecting dust.

One, new, never used Welbourne Lab Linear Power Supply Upgrade for Logitech Squeezebox Duet Receiver.

Item as shown in attached photo and includes Linear Power Supply and 3 foot long umbilical cable.

Power cable is NOT included.

Although made for the Squeezebox Duet it should work with other items where a 9V DC supply is required.

Specs for standard Duet AC power supply: 9V DC. Regulated, Center Positive, Sleeve Ground. Connector 1.05mm ID, 3.5mm OD, 7mm long.

Min supply rating: 550mA

From Welbourne Lab webpage: (they still sell these for up to $277 although you may catch them on sale for $100 off)

Input voltage: 110 Vac

Output Voltage: Fixed 9Vdc

Output current: up to 3.5 amperes

Case Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 8"


Input - Industry Standard IEC 3 pin connector

Output - 3’ umbilical cable 18ga copper

Bought this to clean up the power supply noise of the Duet and then decided to go with an upgraded Sonos Connect instead.

Asking $125 and will include all Paypal and shipping charges to CONUS. Item insured for purchase price.


Given the problems people have had with Welborne Lab products and practices, I feel I would be remiss in not suggesting that potential buyers careful research the manufacturer and product.

Please note, this does not reflect poorly on our seller!


Thanks for the comment.

I too have seen some of the negative comments against the manufacturer of this product although most seemed to be concerning the ‘business’ side of things…payment, delivery, etc. I actually had a small problem myself with this purchase.

I was pretty much a ‘Babe in the Woods’ when I purchased this item. Did some online research, found this item and thought it was something I wanted to try.

As mentioned in my post, this item is new, never used by me and I would hate for anyone that buys this item to feel like they’ve been swindled, especially by me.

Saying that, I will agree to reimburse the sales price less my shipping cost if the product is found to be defective or does not work with a Squeezebox Duet. Buyer does not even have to return the item.

It’s collecting dust on my shelf and am hoping someone has a need or can put it to good use.

More than fair and we know you have been completely above board. I do not know this product specifically and it may be absolutely wonderful. And the buyer gets the benefit of working with you, rather than dealing with Welborne!