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If that one wasn’t good enough for ya, here’s a standard that opens with a lot of vituosity:

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For you History buffs: A fascinating history of recording and playback as told and demoed by Jack Mullin for the AES in the 80’s. He is not just a collector and historian, but contributed to the development of tape. (that’s not him in the pic)

"It was in 1940 that German engineer Walter Weber combined AC bias with the BASF’s newly developed tape format, as opposed to the recording wire which preceded it, which brought dramatic improvements to the tape format. Occurring during the war and of strategic importance, this development remained widely unknown until 1945 when Jack Mullin, a US army signalman found and confiscated two machines and a cache of recording tape from a German radio station. Go to 26.30 in the video above to hear Jack himself tell the story of this discovery.

Back in the US Mullin attracted the attention of both Ampex and Bing Crosby, who drawn by the advantages of being able to transmit at prime time on both the east and west coasts, invested in the technology. The rest is, very literally, history." - From an article by Julian Rodgers on ProTools Expert.

Not real, but very convincing.

Here’s one to get your blood moving in the morning - or whatever time it is where you are. Cool to see Daniel Lanois playing and singing - he and Brian Eno produced The Joshua Tree “back in the day”.


Frans the Best.

Really interesting person, a great mind.
Fan of her’s here.

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Here’s to lazy chilled out Summers.
Thanks YouTube algorithm for this earworm.


Agreed. She has lots of interesting content and viewpoint. She tends to ramble on at times but dont we all.

Argue amongst yourselves:

I was going to respond that the issue with his method was that he was leaving the actual playback of the music out of it - he ripped the bits on the discs digitally to the recorder, which is not the same as playing back a disc to analog on a stereo. Then, perhaps due to all the talk of shaving, I thought - “I need to mow the lawn” - which is more important.:cowboy_hat_face:

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Here we go guys once again…this time for a laugh at this new snake oil :grin:

Have fun with this one

Best wsihes

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I don’t give much credence to the test equipment he used, because our ears are way more sensitive to certain things like soundstaging, As for the equipment he used to listen for any differences, my guess is it wasn’t up to the task of revealing subtle differences. In the past I used to treat my cd’s by polishing them with a product called Brillianize, as well as rough up the edge of the cd with a sanding block, then darken the edge with a black magic marker, which did make an auditable difference. Since getting the PST, I don’t hear much of any difference, so that ritual has gone to the way side.

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Great product Gary…I use it on my golf cart’s tinted plastic winshield as it will not
leave scratches like spider web eeeny teeny hairline scratches that only show up
when the sun is at certain angles. quite an annoyance.

Best wishes friend

Hold on to your seats!!!
Bow your heads!!!
Now Save Your Ass!!!

Bruce in Philly

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Marcus Roberts covering Ellington/Strayhorn’s “Single Petal of a Rose”, part of the Queen’s Suite, which he composed for Queen Elizabeth in 1959. He paid the production costs and bought the rights - and had a single golden record made for her.

(per Ted Gioia)



Bopflix has some amazing stuff,
discovered so much new great music there…